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Olympic 400m medallist & former World number 1. Retired as I fell apart. I work in lots of areas where talking is required. Wifey & proud Mum of two.

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When you’ve finished but your mates haven’t! *still on air... ⁦@SkyNetball⁩ ... ⁦@BuchananCamilla⁩ ⁦@serenabob⁩ and ⁦@DiDougherty1⁩ .. good win for ⁦@LboroLightning⁩ at Surrey tonight... 66-50..
Last minutes words.... @LboroLightning ready.... here in Guildford to take on @SurreyStorm ... @SkyNetball now...
The phone gang!!! 😂 ⁦@BuchananCamilla⁩ ⁦@serenabob⁩ and ⁦@DiDougherty1⁩ .... @skynetball 🤗
The rabble are ready!!! 😂 ⁦@BuchananCamilla⁩ ⁦@serenabob⁩ ⁦@DiDougherty1⁩ and Gail Davies... ⁦@SkyNetball⁩ ... ⁦@SurreyStorm⁩ V ⁦@LboroLightning⁩ .. 1745 Mix and Arena
Arrived in Guildford for the netball .... *checks score ... *sobs #avfc
Off down south soon for @SkyNetball .. expecting a good clash today between @SurreyStorm & @LboroLightning .. so will be following @AVFCOfficial from 3pm V Stoke 💪🏻 ...& I’ve finally got a date in the dairy when I can get to VP 👍🏻 so looking forward to the 16th V Middlesbrough 😊
0709... ⏰ ...’Get in the car the picnic is ready,,, NO there aren’t any ham sandwiches’ ..... kids playing ... have a great weekend folks.... !! *no lie ins here since 2011 😁
This time next week we would have finished day one of @Glasgow2019 .... and crowned our 1st three new European champions.... 🤗👌🏻🥇🥇🥇... *tick tock ... it’s getting close ...
I am coming off the home computer......I don't likey!! *back to twitter on my phone ... 😆

The Most Relevant

A bird just pooped on my arm... I have never been pooped on before .. that’s good luck right?!! IT’S COMING HOME 😂 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Let’s talk about pure driving ability..No MBE upgrade for Lewis Hamilton after his 5th World title 🧐 Sir Sterling Moss 4 x World Championship runner up & Sir Jackie Stewart 3 x World Champion..all great drivers..but the one with 5 World titles not yet deemed good enough 🤷‍♀️ #sir
He's punched the mother of his kids & clocked up 7 assaults against 5 women...great boxer of his time maybe but a horrid man #thatsall
I’ve got 2 tickets to give away for finals day at the Sainsbury’s #BritishChamps on 5th July. RT to see @BritAthletics best athletes compete
Had to rewind this to see again! 😂 ... Neymar tribute... noodles on his head ...
"@BBCSport: This world record ski jump is stunning - Watch: (UK only) " wow
Michael Gove rushing to climb up Donald Trumps backside ...
Great picture from B6 last night... Prince William, John Carew and the happiest boy in the world! #villa #win #3pts 👍🏻
Morning!!!! Hoping this official has a free eye test coupon in his emails from Specsavers before he officiates again 👀 ! ... 🧐
Sit back and watch anywhere between 50-100 times ... it's all good baby!!! WORLD CHAMPIONS
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