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CA Attorney General. Candidate for US Senate. Dedicated to fighting for justice & giving a voice to the voiceless. Wife, s-mom, sister, aunt. Aspiring chef.

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Absolutely horrific that the LGBTQ community is once again being targeted in Chechnya. Don’t let these atrocities go unnoticed. #EyesOnChechnya
Parents dipping into their limited savings to cover their furloughed son's expenses. A federal worker moving back in with family to save money.

These are just some of the stories of nearly 800,000 federal workers who are suffering from the #TrumpShutdown.
No teacher should ever have to scrape by or be forced to take on a second job just to pay the bills. Motivating and encouraging students to be a better version of themselves deserves respect and decent wages. I stand with the #LAUSDStrike.
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We’re on day 25 of the government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of Americans aren’t getting paid because the president won’t give up his vanity project. They’re forgoing insulin, borrowing money, or selling their cars — just to stay afloat. Let’s vote to reopen the government.
Folks across the country are struggling to pay their mortgages, put food on the table, and pay off their medical bills. No one should struggle just to get by. That’s why I introduced the Rent Relief Act and the LIFT Act, two bills that would address the cost of living crisis.
I questioned Barr if it would be appropriate to go against the advice of DOJ ethics officials if they recommended he recuse himself from the Mueller probe. Barr said he would if he disagreed with them. Unacceptable.
During the hearing for Attorney General nominee William Barr, he said that a wall would address drug trafficking issues. I then asked if he was aware that most of the drugs that are trafficked enter through ports of entry.

He said he was.
If you live in California, today is the LAST day you can enroll for health care at https://t.co/ulGnArohz1. Spread the word.
A few moments ago I reminded Attorney General nominee William Barr that the War on Drugs has been an abject failure.

America has an addiction crisis and we should be putting our resources toward combatting drug addiction, not locking people up.
Happy Founders’ Day. Celebrating 111 years of Service to All Mankind. #J15 #SkeeWee #1908
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