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Latest Scoops

Texas keeps Big 12 title hopes alive with 24-10 win over Iowa State https://t.co/HtIf9jfgBr
2 arrested after allegedly leading Burnet County deputies on a chase https://t.co/0ugJ1g8dMJ
Man injured in east Austin shooting; police searching for suspect https://t.co/r4Vdfp0z1b
HALFTIME READING: How Texas could benefit from WVU loss https://t.co/rDUj19qCCc
DISTURBING: Man arrested after allegedly offering to pay family for sex with son https://t.co/wynNfgjDog
'I am getting my gold watch': Last words of executed TX inmate convicted of killing his wife and children https://t.co/dJRLoHGgig
Officials urge caution on Lake LBJ despite reopening https://t.co/zZc8LNHv1h
WOW: @Whataburger selling ugly Christmas sweater https://t.co/pbb7MUURuX
PHOTOS: A plane is completely destroyed after crashing in the parking lot of a Fredericksburg apartment complex. Courtesy: Glenn Kropat https://t.co/3xzcs1hGGv
A SHOOTING STAR...? "The sound was so loud it shook the whole house." In case you haven't gotten enough! Jill Carley says one of her home cameras captured the meteor.
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