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The Orlando Sentinel reports that public records show firefighter Kevin Reynolds told investigators he brought a box of coca tea home after hiking Machu Picchu in Peru. The tea is used in South America to fight off altitude sickness.
The owners of a small business say they lost around $10,000 worth of items they purchased for their store in California. If you have any information about the burglary, call 88-CRIME.
Tucson fire crews fight fire at a repair yard early Saturday morning.
Self-proclaimed "freelancer" gets close to $1 million in tax returns, but all was not as it seemed in his tax forms.
“Hey, there ain’t a damn thing wrong with burning crosses in your yard, is there?” Florida woman threatens black deputy with KKK.
"Today we call on the European Union to step forward for freedom."
U.S. officials tell European Union to support Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.
After decades of sexual abuse allegations, Pope Francis defrocks man who was once a high-ranked cardinal in the US.
Sixth grader leaves note, complete with illustration, after watching her bus driver hit a car and leave the scene.
Experts say opponents to President Trump's emergency border wall will likely lose in the end, courtesy of a conservative-majority Supreme Court.
Police say the man who killed 5 people and shot 5 officers worked with the company 15 years and was set to be fired.

The Most Relevant

SHOCKING: Utah student, Lauren McCluskey's 911 calls asked police to stop her harasser. Days later, she was murdered.

Rest in peace Lauren.
Baltimore attorney caught on tape telling rape victim she could be deported if she testified against his client
30,000 Big Macs?! Since 1972, Don Gorske has gone about eight days total without eating a Big Mac.
These Georgia firefighters went to a local gym for a 110-story stair climb in remembrance of 9/11.
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BREAKING: “This campaign is about the people of Arizona, not corporate PACs and the mess they’ve created in Washington,” Kelly wrote. “I won’t take a dime of corporate PAC money, and I’ll only answer to Arizonans.”
Authorities say Jayme Closs, 13, isn't a suspect in her parents' deaths and could be in danger.
Republican Arizona Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign, multiple sources tell CNN on Thursday.
FEEL GOOD STORY: Bullets to Baskets: The Story of Majok Deng
Rest In Peace: Rapper Mac Miller has reportedly died from an "apparent drug overdose."
CAN YOU HELP? News 4 Tucson viewer Kim Lammi said she was hiking at Devils Bridge in Sedona, Ariz. when she captured this special engagement on camera. She said she doesn't know the couple and would love this video to reach them.
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