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Legendary and beloved Broadway star Carol Channing has passed at away at age 97. Tune in at 10 P.M. to see when the icon taught our very own @DaveScottKUSI some dance lessons!
Hundreds of San Diego cardroom employees protested gambling regulations today. The employees say the Bureau of Gambling Control proposals will harm their businesses.

More Info: https://t.co/gBu7XXNyFO
Many residents who live near Highland Street in Alpine have placed sandbag barriers to protect their homes. This is a community that was left with a huge burn scar from the West Fire six months ago.

More Info: https://t.co/xsRlx4nOfn
Mayor @Kevin_Faulconer delivers the 2019 State of the City address. How do you think the City is doing?

Watch Live: https://t.co/OGY35DDjdE
Today would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 90th birthday.

King was awarded the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent campaign against racism.

Today on #GoodMorningSanDiego, we got a visit from some youngsters who are ready for "Toddler Time" at the @birchaquarium.

More info: https://t.co/PHTG72T59S
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President Trump invited a bipartisan group of lawmakers to a lunch meeting at the @WhiteHouse on Tuesday aimed at finding a solution to the gov. shutdown. All Democrats invited, including @ScottPetersCA52, declined to attend.

Info: https://t.co/GHpRWnPsQ6
More rain is headed to San Diego! Francella Perez KUSI says the strongest will be later this afternoon.

One of our photographers caught this truck driving carelessly in #ElCajon. Please remember to drive safe on the wet roads!

Full Supercast: https://t.co/tfDw2OlvT7
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Can you believe it? Today marks the tenth anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson." Captain Sully Sullenberg was able to safely land the plane on the water, and all passengers were accounted for.
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.@netflix is raising its U.S. prices by 13%to 18%, its biggest increase since the company launched its video streaming service 12 years ago.

Details: https://t.co/0DMcUOKXMM
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