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#BREAKING The Scenic Drive entrance at @RedRockCynLV is closed due to weather/icy roads
#BREAKING 1-15 is closed in both directions between St. Rose Parkway and Jean. There are multiple accidents on the I-15 south of Sloan.

#Vegas @GoldenKnights Snowman 🏒❄🏒☃️🏒❄🏒
(Summerlin West/Paseos)

📷: Nicole Himsel Cigna
Incredible viewer video of the #VegasSnow coming down in Rhodes Ranch. 🎥: Dario Dimitric
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Video sent to us by viewer Kevin S shows snow coming down in Centennial Hills (95 North/Durango) right now. #VegasSnow #VegasWeather
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SR 160 closed in Pahrump due to officer involved crash.
Overnight: NHP say speed was a factor in a fatal crash on U.S. 95.
#Vegas @GoldenKnights score back to back goals. They lead @PredsNHL 5-1. #VegasBorn #GoKnightsGo
GOAL! #Vegas @GoldenKnights score late in the 3rd period. Score is now 4-1 with under 6 minutes left in the game. #VegasBorn
#Vegas @GoldenKnights score first. It’s 1-0 in the first period against @PredsNHL. #VegasBorn
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The Most Relevant

BTS is here - the first K-Pop group to attend the #BillboardMusicAwards
#BREAKING Measles warning issued after man diagnosed in Las Vegas. List of places visited released.
Dramatic footage captures a family fleeing the massive #CampFire in Northern California. More >> | 🎥:
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#VIDEO shows an unimaginable scene in Malibu when a woman was escaping the #WoolseyFire in Southern California. |
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#MISSING 3-year-old Daniel Theriot last seen this morning at Sunset Park. Please retweet.
Ex-Disney Channel star caught with meth, pipe during Las Vegas arrest
#UPDATE Director for Emergency Management in Pahrump says there was NOT a shooting
VIDEO: Zappos offers to cover funeral cost for all 58 mass shooting victims
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