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Portland Police Bureau releases more texts between Lt. Niiya and protest organizers, along with Niiya's report, all relating to protests on June 4, 2017
Japanese spacecraft touches down on asteroid to get samples
The saga of the self-cleaning oven too hot to use: Couple told by repairman to NOT use the self-cleaning feature because the oven would overheat
Groups are starting to gather outside of the church where PPB is holding a listening session about Joey Gibson texts
UPDATE: Deputies arrested Sean Allen Tester after a mother was assaulted and seriously injured in her Corbett-area home
Portland Police release new documents ahead of listening session about Joey Gibson texts:
A species of giant tortoise thought to be extinct for over 100 years was found in the Galapagos. Take a look:
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Beaverton police arrest 4 people after they allegedly broke into a home. A kid was home alone and called 911

The Most Relevant

How do you guide a pig back to its home? With a bag of Doritos, apparently.
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WATCH LIVE: Police in riot gear move in on ICE protesters at Portland ICE facility
MAX stabbing victim Micah Fletcher recovering in hospital, but has a long way to go.
Watch: 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson was on the bridge's edge, but she started to change her mind. She was going to back out. Then, a friend pushes her off the bridge, sending her 60 feet into the water below. She's now in the hospital with 5 broken ribs.
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WATCH LIVE: Police in riot gear appear to be moving in on protesters at the ICE facility in Portland
Police: Help us identify the 'Portland Pooper'. More on #KOIN6News at 11 p.m.
"The world is watching" Michele Fiore says as she leads group in prayer. #OregonStandoff
According to Oregon State Police, 10 dead, 20 wounded at Umpqua Comm. College. #koin6news #UCCShooting
Elmer Ballard, 93, is a WWII veteran. He's also a huge fan of the and , 'who can hit 3-pointers like crazy.' Before tonight's game, Ballard -- who never fails to watch a game -- will meet Lillard.

Portland DoubleTree trespasses black guest in lobby
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