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televangelist pat robertson says alabamas abortion law has gone too far
televangelist pat robertson says alabamas abortion law has gone too far
Televangelist Pat Robertson says Alabama’s abortion law has 'gone too far'

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@ANI_news 2 hours
delhi pm narendra modi arrives at the nda parliamentary board meeting
Delhi: PM Narendra Modi arrives at the NDA Parliamentary board meeting.
@ndtv 1 hour
ex jet chairman naresh goyal wife stopped at mumbai from flying abroad
Ex-Jet chairman Naresh Goyal, wife stopped at Mumbai from flying abroad
ABC News
@ABC 2 hours
act of kindness this st louis teenager went above and beyond when he hopped out of his family s car to push a
ACT OF KINDNESS: This St. Louis teenager went above and beyond when he hopped out of his family's car to push a man in a wheelchair up a hill, as tornado warning sirens wailed in the distance.
AFP news agency
the international tribunal for the law of the sea urges russia to free 24 ukrainian sailors seized last novemb
#BREAKING The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea urges Russia to free 24 Ukrainian sailors seized last November off the Crimea peninsula
Tim Pool
@Timcast 2 hours
lolol wtf cnn is complaining about videos on the internet dude its the internet wtf do you think the internet
lolol wtf? CNN is complaining about videos on the internet???

Dude its the internet, wtf do you think the internet is?

Did CNN all of a sudden discover people make videos and, dare I say it, EDIT Them??

Also why is CNN rushing to the defense of Nancy Pelosi? Oh right nevermind
doug fords tories are spending about 5 billion more than kathleen wynnes liberals and borrowing a lot more yet
"Doug Ford’s Tories are spending about $5 billion more than Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. And borrowing a lot more. Yet their April budget has cut deeply into programs for people in Toronto and across the province. Where did the extra money go?": @reggcohn.
@CNN 3 hours
donald trump reasserted his claim that he s the most transparent president facts first he s refused to release
Donald Trump reasserted his claim that he's the "most transparent" President.

Facts first: He's refused to release his tax returns, has battled congressional subpoenas for his financial information and refused to be interviewed in person by Mueller's team
The Hill
@thehill 9 minutes
actor jon voight declares trump the greatest president since abraham lincoln
Actor Jon Voight declares Trump "the greatest president" since Abraham Lincoln
@CNN 2 hours
i wish he d go into psychotherapy i d be so proud of him if he did radio shock jock howard stern says he feels
"I wish he'd go into psychotherapy. I'd be so proud of him if he did": Radio shock jock Howard Stern says he feels President Trump was likely "traumatized" by his childhood.
little heroes every one of them
Little heroes. Every one of them.
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