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CEO - Bloomberg Media, former President of Atlantic Media, The Atlantic, The Week, and Founder of Quartz

Latest Scoops

From @tictoc to our paywall to unlocking opportunities through data and providing brands with strategic services, @BBGMedia is innovating across our growing media business. A terrific Q&A with abo@KeithGrossmanut our breakout year: https://t.co/ECK7jreZM0
I'm so proud of @BBGMedia who was just named Employer of the Year in the @Digiday Worklife Awards! We are having our best year yet, and our commitment to fostering an innovative culture is a testament to the great strides we're making as a company. https://t.co/RiJotkpe7B
Great speaking with @bmorrissey @Digiday about our breakout year @BBGMedia. We're projecting 15-20% revenue growth driven by four key innovations: @tictoc, our subscription business launch, the transformation of our ad model and @NewEconForum https://t.co/XyyJ7VLaBE
Congratulations to @tictoc and @BW for being named on @Adweek's Hot List for Hottest Social Media Presence and Hottest Business Magazine! Thrilled for the recognition of our teams' innovation combined with excellent journalism https://t.co/jtn8SKyR8L
CBSN is bulking up on programming as more news providers go over the top https://t.co/7ntJ4EuEiR via @digiday
A new $60 billion agency is the clearest sign the US is worried about China’s Africa influence https://t.co/GLQ2sss2ln via @qzafrica
Peter Rice, Fox’s Un-Hollywood TV Boss, Is Getting More Say Over What You Watch https://t.co/5LWqy0eyRk
Bloomberg will no longer serve as a media partner for the Future Investment Initiative and I will no longer be attending as a Speaker. As we do with every major event in the region, we plan to cover any news from our regional news bureau.
India set to overtake Japan as No. 3 economy by 2030 https://t.co/8dk7ioH0h6 via @business
Tina Brown on the Insane Launch of The Daily Beast https://t.co/C43U6JXOKH via @thedailybeast
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