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CEO - Bloomberg Media, former President of Atlantic Media, The Atlantic, The Week, and Founder of Quartz

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“Everyone’s for Sale”: Winter Has Arrived for the Digital-Media Darlings https://t.co/sr10iAQ8uQ
Media Companies Trail in Artificial-Intelligence Adoption Amid Fear, Unfamiliarity: PwC Research https://t.co/3kn5kOLwsG via @variety
Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital to buy MightyHive ad business for $150m https://t.co/gIV7lSlpyn via @financialtimes
The Friendship That Made Google Huge https://t.co/asRiwAQv4B
Strauss Zelnick, interim chairman of CBS, said he's definitely not interested in becoming the media giant's CEO https://t.co/CLM2kIgS4o via
How The Financial Times is making marketing services a central part of its ad offering https://t.co/9BVLNS3dYt via @digiday
Pivoting to nowhere: How Mic ran out of radical makeovers https://t.co/G7IppIf1h6 via @digiday
“The giant has been awoken.” Amazon push into advertising is shaking the way business is done on Madison Avenue, including for Google and Facebook. https://t.co/sHu7yJYHdA via
History’s lesson to rising states is simple: Just wait https://t.co/gYjccoT685 via @bopinion
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