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Inside JW: "How Judicial Watch Won the Battle for Election Integrity in Los Angeles County."

JW signed a settlement agreement w/ California & Los Angeles County under which they'll begin removing up to 1.5 million(!) ineligible voters from the rolls.
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Dem whose son was killed in shooting tells Trump: Gun violence is the real national emergency, not a wall
Great job by law enforcement in Aurora, Illinois. Heartfelt condolences to all of the victims and their families. America is with you!
The Court: The President said he didn’t need to declare an emergency, did he not?

Counsel: Correct.

The Court: And that he just did so because he wanted it done faster?

Counsel: Yes, your honor.

The Court: How on earth is that an emergency?

Counsel: Hasn’t your time expired?
BREAKING: Mueller's team says Paul Manafort deserves up to 24.5 years in prison
What’s the real cost of @realDonaldTrump’s fake emergency? More than you think. It steals money from budgets that provide housing and hospitals to military servicemembers and their families. #FakeEmergency
It's simple: You don't have a border, you don't have a country.
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Here's a weird piece of trivia. Apparently Congress has Constitutional powers as well. And apparently the nation's Founders took those powers seriously because they saw how having a king worked out. Who knew?
A significant effort has been made today to overcome the issue of water scarcity in Maharashtra.

At the same time, there is emphasis on ensuring better irrigation and improving sewer systems.
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The dastardly attack in Pulwama has anguished the nation.

Yes, this is a time of great sadness.

But, I assure every family that a befitting reply will be given!
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Enhancing education, housing and financial inclusion for the poor.
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