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Latest Scoops

In a 5-4 decision in Trump v. Hawaii, the Supreme Court voted to uphold President Trump’s Middle East so-called “travel ban” executive order. Judicial Watch believes that was a victory for the Constitution, the rule of law, and our national security. https://t.co/f0Ppp9dOdQ
Judicial Watch visited frustrated ranchers & residents in Sierra Vista (Cochise County town located 75 miles SE of Tucson with a population of 44000). Illegal immigrants & drug smugglers are devastating this area — many longtime residents now live in fear. https://t.co/njCcFb6vXM
Judicial Watch filed its FOIA lawsuit w/ the CIA (previously run by Obama-appointee John Brennan) for info on any & all communications with former Senator Harry Reid regarding the anti-Trump Dossier that was funded by Clinton & the DNC through Fusion GPS.
Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit with the Department of Justice for any & all records (including any warrants) related to the FBI’s April 9th raid on the office, home, and hotel room of then-personal attorney of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen. https://t.co/qCHt0SLY3v
There is still further evidence of a continued political cover-up of the grave national security violations committed by Imran Awan and the Awan Brothers who ran I.T. for House Democrats, including for the then-head of the DNC (Debbie Wasserman Schultz). https://t.co/nLTldWIstL
JW filed a FOIA lawsuit w/ the FBI for answers on the removal/reassignment of Peter Strzok (former top FBI official) who was taken off of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigative team due to political bias. And now JW wants access to all of his texts too. https://t.co/MQDTnTlWEW
JW sent its hand-delivered letter to the chair / co-chair of the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation into whether Congresswoman Maxine Waters violated House ethics rules by encouraging violence against Trump Cabinet members. https://t.co/tAW95dyIw9
Judicial Watch received 87 pgs of docs from the DOJ showing Peter Strzok & Lisa Page’s profanity-laced disdain for FBI hierarchy & policies. The DOJ is still resisting JW’s request for a court order to preserve all responsive Page-Strzok communications.
Judicial Watch President @TomFitton: President Trump hit a home run with his nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. President Trump stood up for the U.S. Constitution & for the rule of law w/ his excellent nomination. https://t.co/FKZH573a94
After Democrats & the GOP released FISA Memos, it was clear the American people deserve to see all the facts for themselves. JW filed a FOIA lawsuit w/ DOJ to release the FISA applications, FISA warrants, and Foreign Intel Surveillance Court decisions. https://t.co/1iwlCOQZDQ
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