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Judge Pirro is a highly respected District Attorney, Judge, author & renowned champion of the underdog. She hosts the Fox News show, Justice with Judge Jeanine.

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Ain’t that a hoot. Dems trumpet their brilliant green new deal and now they don't want it to come up for a vote. No wonder everyone’s fed up - these bozos do NOTHING but pontificate.
One would ‘vote for the green new deal’ but not the actual legislation. The other will sign bills as a freshman congresswoman. Wow 😲
We bring them here and they spew their hate as members of our Congress!!
New details out tonight about Robert Mueller after a report says the former FBI director was once forced to answer questions about allegations the FBI cheated on sensitive surveillance warrants.

@WaGuJohnSolomon & @GreggJarrett joined me on 'Justice' to discuss it all:
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.@TheOfficerTatum joined me to explain the Green New Deal that has everybody talking:
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Kamala Harris is a lot of things—a senator, a candidate for president, a former prosecutor but @DLoesch joined me to say that is also a threat to your freedom. Take a look at what she had to say:
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.@GOPChairwoman joined me to discuss this week's latest news.
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Making a rare solo appearance on 'Justice'-- our friend and Fox News contributor @dbongino, enjoy!
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Trump 2020 Senior Advisor, @LaraLeaTrump joined me with reaction to my opening statement and so much more. Take a look:
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The Most Relevant

[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is not being bullied because she is the youngest person in Congress. People are actually holding her to task because she knows absolutely nothing and she made it to Capitol Hill. - @RedPillBlack
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Stone lying to congress? Dear Hillary…She lies every time she opens her mouth. The only reason Abedin, Mills, Pagliano are not charged with process crimes is because Comey-- who should be indicted himself -- never bothered to investigate. God help America.
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If you're going to make the accusation but not willing to subject yourself to questions, then you should suffer the consequence of filing a false charge.
After being invited on this is what happened. This is an example of how the left is intolerant and this is why I wrote my book. #LiarsLeakersLiberals
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What I’m about to tell you is extremely important to me. It represents the worst cultural shift that I’ve witnessed in this country...I’m talking about the legalization of infanticide or put it in layman’s terms. Absolution for the intentional killing of full term babies.
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Ms Pelosi does not have your interest at heart. She is an obstructionist and an embarrassment.
"Mr. President, the American people are tired of our government standing with illegals over American citizens. They are tired of the destruction of the rule of law in our country." #OpeningStatement
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Amazing ain't it? He couldn't use the word ‘radical’ in front of Islam, but he’s comfortable using it against our President.
Why isn't Hillary Clinton on the list to be stripped of her security clearance?? She already violated all the terms of our classified information!
“When you cross the border into these U.S. illegally, expect to be arrested. You do not have the right to come here. We did not invite you here. You cannot stay here."
My #OpeningStatement:
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