Attention rural Trumpists who can't afford an Internet connection at home: this is what you voted for. Well done.
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Embracing the so-called "alt right" -- like Russiagate, is a permanent part of Trump's story.
And that was just a movie screening. But married to his personal racism, racist policies and refusal to confront lynching it told a story.
That kind of thing doesn't just get written out of the history. Ask Woodrow Wilson's biographers about "Birth of a Nation."
Whatever happens, bringing Bannon, Miller, Gorka and Anton into the White House permanently stains Trump's legacy as president.
Trump still soliciting his supporters for money. He's a presidential infomercial.
Trump still soliciting his supporters for money. He's a presidential infomercial.
Remember how *crazy* liberals went when Bernie bought that third house instead of launching a poverty tour?oh wait..
Source adds: Stephen Miller hanging on by sucking up to Jared. Cohen Watnick still on McMaster's purge list.
GOP source tells me the purge talk is real. McMaster not playing around. Rebekkah Mercer bargaining for Bannon. No soft landing for Anton.
If McMaster is cleaning house, should Cohen Watnick and Michael Anton update their resumes? Will S. Miller be the last alt righter standing?
"Always stay gracious. Best revenge is your paper."
Top of the hour @amjoyshow question: will Jesse Watters' Fox vacation be: #AMjoy
Donald Trump tries to revive a Red Scare holiday. Seriously. via @thedailybeast
Career Civil Rights Division DOJ Employees Being ‘Encouraged’ to Leave My latest at @thedailybeast
Yes, @realDonaldTrump would totally rather be in blue collar Pennsylvania than at a dinner with celebrities and the @nytimes.
This is absurd. Trump is literally repeating the lines from his campaign as if he has not yet become president and the crowd is cheering.
This is descending into parody. Trump just literally read these people a bedtime story.
This is not politics. It's something between entertainment, emotional release and ethnonationalistic civic religion.
MS-13 are the new New Black Panthers: a phantom bogeyman Trumpists will fear abjectly without ever actually encountering any.
It's as if none of the failures of the last 100 days have happened at all. More proof this isn't about policy. It's purely emotional.
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