Seriously, what kind of person wakes up in the morning thinking, let's cut Meals on Wheels! And Sesame Street!!? Unreal. #TrumpBudget
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Sobering interview @davidfrum did on @cspan about a month ago re How To Build an Autocracy. Worth watching.
Catching up with family at 30 Rock! @harveywins in the house! #GrioFam #TheGrio4Life @thegrio
This report by @timkmak is absolutely bizarre...
This report by @timkmak is absolutely bizarre...
Your periodic reminder that the likes of self-styled Leninist Steve Bannon currently run your government.
After #TrumpcareFail, where are all the pundits with furrowed brows who castigated President Obama for not wooing Republicans with dinner?
.@LouiseMensch said on #RealTime she senses panic in Trumpland. My latest at @TheDailyBeast: drip...drip.. drip...
.@RealTimers on fire tonight. #MaxBrooks, @LouiseMensch and my dude @chrislyaes! And LOL #SuchAnIntrospectiveGuy
.@maddow's whole A block tonight...
.@maddow's whole A block tonight...
.@mtomasky engages in a wee bit of schadenfreude over the #Trumpcarefail via @thedailybeast
I'll be on @hardball shortly!!
Major raise. Stat.
Anyone else notice @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump, other GOP talk abt Obamacare in the same Apocalyptic terms they do Medicare & SocSecurity?
I'm old enough to remember when Republicans like @marcorubio took credit for sabotaging Obamacare.
These states could simply take the expansion, set up their own exchanges, and insure millions of their own citizens, bringing down costs.
I'd say the fact that the @dccc isn't running ads today in R House districts taking credit for saving people's healthcare shows why Ds lose.
Y'all are gonna make me repost my own column from last week with these Dem tweets saying Obamacare is collapsing.
He also said before he was inaugurated, he would immediately repeal & replace Ocare "immediately or soon thereafter"
Trump says he "never said repeal and replace Obamacare in 60 days." True. He said he'd do it on day one.
My kingdom for a single reporter who'll refute the lie that Obamacare is imploding, whether it's said by Trump, Ryan or another Republican.
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