Trump just said he has no business interests in Russia and no loans. Investigative journalists now have a simple assignment.
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My latest at @thedailybeast - The Democrats Vote on Their Future
it's utterly insane, and a needless additional torment to a child like yours at a time that's already tough with bullying etc
😂😂😂 now that's a hazard worth worrying about! LOL
There are lots of far right Republicans with gov't experience who Trump could have hired to be his chief of staff. He picked an operative.
Does anyone at the White House have Internet access?? Can no one in the executive branch Google "Watergate???"
Again, this is how they're going to profit: ICE rounds them up, private prisons lock them up. Ka-ching.
Video: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio flees Miami protester who's asking about a town hall - @MiamiNewTimes #RunMarcoRun
‘You Have to Stop,’ Renaissance Executive Tells Boss About Trump Support
Of course.
By the by, much like "the wall," it's YOU who's going to pay for Trump's "border adjustment tax"
Things the Trump administration thinks states must tackle ASAP:
-policing school bathrooms
-handing over moms & DREAMers to ICE
Things the Trump administration deems emergencies:
-Building more nukes
-Deporting moms & brain surgery patients
-Stopping Muslim tourists
duck and weave ... duck and weave ...
Can someone please stop all the hallucinations about the Trump administration??? @PressSec @seanspicer
Uh oh...the Germans are hallucinating along with you, America, because @PressSec @seanspicer says this didn't occur:
.@PressSec @seanspicer says the following never happened. You must have imagined it...
.@PressSec is now asking you to believe that the White House's reversal of transgender student rules never happened.
Those are the big unknowns. The big, very uncomfortable unknowns.
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