Trump just said he has no business interests in Russia and no loans. Investigative journalists now have a simple assignment.
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Stop making it sound like Trump is the only Republican who believes there is massive voter fraud. Every voter ID law is premised on the idea
.@GregRummo you dont think there are 5 MILLION U.S. citizens in a state with a bigger population than AUSTRALIA?
Conspiracy theories, undermining our own democracy, gag orders on federal agencies communicating with the media & public... who are we?
So is Trump about to unleash a federal investigation of literally millions of voters? Will *that be race based? Only probe Democrats?
And if Trump thinks the "illegal" votes were ONLY for Clinton, how does he know that? What does he base it on? On the race of the voters?
.@seanspicer if Trump thinks the election was riddled with voter fraud *in the millions of votes* is he only ok with it because he won?
Not asked of @seanspicer - does Trump believe that the supposed "illegal" votes were ONLY for Hillary Clinton? Or for him also?
The big takeaway from today's Spicer adventure: the current president is a "voter fraud" conspiracy theorist.
quite the opposite in fact. Bringing Sessions, Bannon into his administration is an affront to MLK's legacy.
Trump has neither words nor deeds that indicate even a passing interest in civil rights.
Residual racist attitudes? Sure. He was an old southerner. But in word and deed LBJ committed to civil rights.
and when JFK died, he committed to finishing the work of passing the CRA of 1964.
.@leslieleeiii @Russian_Starr in word and deed LBJ by then had supported the advancement of civil rights as a Senator.
.@seanspicer Jeff Sessions' voting rights record is so bad that Common Cause will oppose him via @HuffPostPol
.@seanspicer in fact, his record on civil rights is quite the opposite:
.@seanspicer Jeff Sessions was NOT a champion of civil rights as a prosecutor.
Now @seanspicer confirms the purpose for which MLK was used. Claims meeting with him = meeting with Civil Rights Leaders.
OMG @seanspicer just said Jeff Sessions' civil rights record is "exemplary" and that he was a "forceful advocate" of the Voting Rights Act.
Who are these "people"? Where are these studies?
SMH. Why even have a second party if they're just a rather tepid wing of the party in power?
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