Trump just said he has no business interests in Russia and no loans. Investigative journalists now have a simple assignment.
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Ok Twitter, throwing in the towel. Goodnight!
probably so. And my brain is shutting down! Have a good night/morning :)
this is an impasse. All I can do is show you the data, and people remember the narratives. Emails dominated. They just did.
of course the DNC was covered. It was the convention. What does that have to do with emails dominating campaign coverage?
there's just no way to argue the media didn't overcover the email story. It has literally been quantified and studied.
those emails were rolled out at the end of the convention, not during it. And emails remained a top story right through Comey Nov
that's not moving the goal posts. You can't really be arguing that the Wikileaks coverage only lasted four days.
the Podesta emails were dropped right after Access Hollywoodgate
nah, much longer. Here's a "juciest Podesta emails!" headline from October:
I think we're misinterpreting her tweet. Gonna leave it alone. I'm getting sleepy :)
not sure how it's a cop out if we're clearly talking about our own profession.
that's not accurate. I've been covering Russiagate every weekend since last summer. You should check out my show!
absolutely! Cable news was as eager to fixate on emails as print was. Wikileaks dumps made air daily starting in July.
@ybbkaren @jimpiasecki93 @MattM3502 @maggieNYT this isn't specifically about the NYT. I work in cable news. It was all of media. Print&bcast
not to re-enter the ring, but where is the refutation of the data showing that news media (print & TV) fixated on Clinton emails?
I'm all for a stand down here.
I think Trump is really hard to cover. He's still basically an entertainer, knows/cares nothing about politics, and is erratic and odd.
if the events Seth is saying happened didn't happen, we can have that conversation. But worth following up, no?
I have zero interest in relitigating the Bernie wars. And prognosticating primaries is different from reporting events
my only interest here: did the Mayflower and other meetings take place or not? Who was there? Is there proof?
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