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Can these people do anything?
If Trump and Republicans really want to shut the government down over a rally fluffer, we're worse off than we even thought.
By the way, "the wall" was a rhetorical device to whip up right wing crowds during the campaign. There's zero practical reason for it.
Ok this made me laugh out loud. https://t.co/zxuTjUNb3O
State Dept. uses website to promote Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort https://t.co/hzSwEIGR1H
White House Aides: Sir, Mexico isn't paying for the wall.
Trump: Get congress to!
Aides: well ... I'm not sure...
Trump: Let's go to Mars!
Brutal. Just brutal. https://t.co/7vAjFXj5HH via @BorowitzReport
This reads like a pretty clear parody.
.@robreiner always love hearing what you have to say. And on a completely shallow and frivolous note, LOVE that fabulous blue shirt color.
Heehee! :)
.@presssec just said it's just unbelievable what Trump has accomplished in his first 100 days. Coincidentally, most people believe it's 0.
Plans for tonight: NY panel w/ @Fahrenthold @EliLake & @LydiaPolgreen with moderator @davidremnick #First100days https://t.co/2HA6j5l7Yg
Yeah ok Kurt. You have a nice day.
Max Freedman, the "PTA bloodsport" guy talking to President Obama right now, is great.
@[email protected] me guess: you voted for Jill Stein because purity or something ... here's an idea: unfollow me. Or I'll help you go.
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