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Latest Scoops
"Nobody wants to buy them," Rosenberg told The News. "It looks like I'm stuck with them, I might even have to go." https://t.co/T3aCWf7LLT
Mentored by white supremacist Richard Spencer... check. Virulently anti-immigration? Check. https://t.co/8fSJSwSqQ3 via @thedailybeast
One more hit on @TheLastWord coming up shortly!
Seems Mexican officials wanted to make sure Trump didn't try to claim credit for El Chapo's capture (a year ago) https://t.co/9OWAR0gEkB
No surprises: Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone... all under scrutiny.
This is literally true. This just really, actually happened.
This may be the most inglorious speech a president-elect has ever given. My god...
It's gonna be ... interesting times. https://t.co/oQnbKnXy7R
I had the great honor of interviewing Wayne Barrett on my weekend show. He was brilliant, relentless, and he got ish right. Bless you, sir.
Rest in peace to the great Wayne Barrett, who was tough on Trump, tough on Rudy, and tough on US in the press. https://t.co/gyrDwcQBRs
Sherrod Brown currently wearing Mnuchin out, re foreclosing on thousands of Americans, including military families.
interesting question, particularly given the campaign's "shove Latinos-pull in AAs"(however offensively) strat.
Now Orrin Hatch appears to be acting in the role of Mr. Mnuchin's attorney.
Steve Mnuchin actually just tried to make the argument that he didn't understand the disclosure forms he filled out because he was rushing.
The solicitousness of the Republicans' "questions" to these nominees (currentlu Mnuchin) is an embarrassment to government.
Scathing piece by Elliot Cohen, who once advised DC professionals to give Trump a chance, then recoiled in horror. https://t.co/REdH08ozQ4
The fight for healthcare is not over. @RevDrBarber says not one step back!
The fight for healthcare is not over. @RevDrBarber says not one step back!
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