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Hope to see you there, NYC tweeps! https://t.co/8OJkblVFAw
#amjoy #afterwords: two of our faves, @tifcrossmyheart and @ZerlinaMaxwell had more to say about the Kavanaugh hearings, and who they thought was the unsung Senate star. Take a look! https://t.co/BGk96CkCeM
Thanks for being on, Judd! And congrats on the launch of https://t.co/sopoS56Bt4!
And if Sean Shaw wins in Florida, Trump’s life could get a lot more uncomfortable there too. Right now he has a friendly AG in Pam Bondi, who declined to investigate Trump University. Potentially, African-Americans in states he resides in could become two of his major nemeses.
Shannon how many @MomsDemand endorsed candidates have won so far this cycle? You all seem to have the hot hand.
There’s so much news going on out there (eyes on Florence) but the Tish James primary win in NY is significant, and not just for the history she’d make. The NY AG has a big role on everything from regulating Wall Street to scrutinizing Trump businesses. https://t.co/9xPwhSmWNz
Some very excited DC high school students got to pose backstage for a pic with two potential future presidents: Senators @KamalaHarris and @CoryBooker at the @CBCFInc town hall. #CBCALC18 https://t.co/908IenlXeB
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