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Latest Scoops

To reiterate, Trump has targeted all three men James Comey informed of Trump pressuring him to end the investigation into Michael Flynn. McCabe was likely the most dangerous to him. https://t.co/BiIAyqzhxv Is this witness tampering? Obstruction?
“British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Friday that it was overwhelmingly likely that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself had made the decision to use the nerve toxin on U.K. soil.” https://t.co/Kelj1oPVV4
With all the drama tonivht, just now getting to post my thanks to the @CTForum crew and producers and the great panel @Fahrenthold @hughhewitt and our wonderful moderator @johndankosky - great discussion tonight!
Being chief of staff doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are. https://t.co/voDnqlolwa
Yup! Sessions can’t save himself by throwing McCabe over the side. How has he not figured that out?
This is a hell of a lot for one Friday night....
This person occupies the office of president of the United States. And his supporters will shrug it all off. That is where we stand as a country.
Donald Trump’s Friday:
- Attempting to destroy the former deputy FBI director reputationally and financially for daring to tell the truth about him, using an AG acting under threat of his job...
- Attempting to silence a porn star he had an affair with by any means necessary...
Questions worth asking: why is @realDonaldTrump so afraid of Stormy Daniels? Why is he working so hard to silence her? What is he afraid she will say? Trump doesn’t care if people know he’s unfaithful. He never has. His base doesn’t care. Why is he fighting her so hard?
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