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@MalcolmNance There is a reason Trump hired Bannon and Stephen Miller and Jefferson Sessions and Gorka and Anton and Kelly and the rest. They share a worldview.
@MalcolmNance Remember back during the election when people on TV would correct anyone who pointed out that Trumpism was clearly a form of ethnonationalism by insisting on calling it “populist nationalism,” sometimes with great umbrage? Good times.
It’s the utter callousness that is so astounding. They are not even moved by crying children.
“Breaches.” Blasted autocorrect.
Congratulations to my friend @joseiswriting for this well deserved honor! Much love to you, JAV! #DefineAmerican #AMJoy https://t.co/tYwDdcGhHH via @SFGate
And that’s a wrap! Hanks for tuning in to today’s edition of #AMJoy! And thanks to our great guests including lawrencelawrence1988 - whose book Deadly Force has been re-released in… https://t.co/Uudbyg8i0v
The problem with the John Kasich diagnosis of the growing civic crisis in America is his presumption that it's just about there being too much partisanship. He's constantly hectoring politicians to simply set that aside, as if that would repair what are much deeper breeches.
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