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karma is real, IMHO, and yours got an upgrade tonight. Cheers.
Amazing that a guy who thinks truck drivers do the "ride and scream" as they're navigating their vehicles finds legislating so challenging.
Amazing that a guy who thinks truck drivers do the 'ride and scream' as they're navigating their vehicles finds legislating so challenging.
Amazing what we're hearing from reporters including @costareports - Trump treating the GOP members of congress like they're his employees.
Extraordinary reporting by @GlennThrush & @maggieNYT: Trump careens between indifference & impatience on healthcare https://t.co/lPFqNiFcil
Trump then takes credit (of course), and Repubs get relief from their constituents' anger and panic, but Obamacare survives (stronger, even)
If Trump gives up on it tomorrow, it's not clear why the GOP would keep trying (though they might). Maybe then they go for fixing Obamacare.
.@chrislhayes made a great point which @maddow is amplified: we may stumble into the best option: Republicans give up repealing Obamacare.
Thanks for watching, #inners! @chrislhayes will be back tomorrow night and hope to see you on @amjoyshow (#AMJoy) Saturday morning! 😁
All dolled up and ready to fill in on allinwithchris -- see you in a minute! And loving this… https://t.co/SLaNnpZRJE
Now following @SimonMarks, who to my knowledge does not associate with people who are either shonky or dodgy. Cheers, @hardball!
"Shonky" and "dodgy" are the most wonderfully British of words. Thank you, @hardball, for bringing them to our attention.
Many Trump voters want things I find abhorrent (deportations, Muslim ban, walls.) Q to GOP-wld they give up their own healthcare in xchange?
Also, premiums under the new, "improved" TrumpRyancare would go UP by 15 percent. But MAGA, amirite? https://t.co/wLqLE5KAu0
Oh and by the by, the CBO is out with it's new numbers, and 24 million people would lose insurance under the new, more right wing bill.
and the fact that the @freedomcaucus can't help themselves and have shown the cruelty of their hand, this horror #TrumpRyancare, would pass.
But for their bunging, Trump's broad unpopularity (incl with a handful of Trumpists who are catching on) & his being under FBI investigation
And right now, the only thing stopping him is his own inexperience as speaker and the utter ineptitude of himself and the Trump White House.
Do you want to live in that world? Polls show even Trump voters don't. But Ryan does (he can afford to. He inherited money).
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