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40+ years reporting teaches me the importance of limited gov’t and personal freedom. STOSSEL airs Fridays @ 9PM ET on FBN. RTs do not = endorsement

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Stumped on what to get your friends and family for the holidays? Try one of my six book suggestions. Catch the video on Tuesday! #holidayseason #stockingstuffers
Anti-Gov't Militia Leader Ammon Bundy isn't wrong. “These are people, the majority of them need help,” shouldn't be controversial when it comes to immigration. Yet the backlash against him has been intense. What do you think?
#AmmonBundy #Immigration
Once it’s legal, it’s not so cool. https://t.co/cjSnMT5nIc
My video with on how socialism causes violence, now in Spanish: El socialismo requiere reglas estrictas. Sin esas reglas, no puede funcionar. La fuerza del gobierno es indispensable para hacerlas cumplir. Por eso es que los países socialistas se tornan violentos:
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We're not winning the trade war anytime soon. Meanwhile you and I pay for these tariffs! #TradeWar #TariffMan
I don’t believe you ⁦⁩. ⁦⁩ is not dead yet. I bet some responsible rich person comes forward to fund it. https://t.co/tJ6fPbOhin
I tried to direct skating traffic!  Didn't work out so great. #SpontaneousOrder is much better.
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