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Latest Scoops

Bruce Ohr’s testimony before Congress shows what the FBI has been hiding since 2016: more evidence of FISA abuse, writes @KimStrassel https://t.co/DNsf9x5aKk via @WSJopinion
A Bloody Month of Jihad https://t.co/VJDtbBWqBU via @WSJOpinion
Utah’s labor force has grown an average 1.9% per year from 2010 through January 2018, more than triple the nation’s 0.6% pace https://t.co/oOlEOrNmM2 via @WSJ
The Senate Finance Committee will lead an investigation into high prescription drug prices and questionable “rebates” to pharmacy benefit managers that don’t directly benefit consumers.
WSJ: Drugmakers have sharply boosted prices of some older, low-cost prescription medicines amid supply shortages and recalls—in some cases, by threefold and more.
70% Tax Rate? Another Awful Idea From Congress' Socialist Caucus https://t.co/tfq3or3ueT via @IBDeditorials
Speaker Pelosi’s agenda: There’s Nothing Wrong With Open Borders https://t.co/qrVg7wBA69
Trump: We will be with NATO '100 percent' via @POLITICO for iOS
By disinviting POTUS for SOTU, Pelosi erased any pretext for her unwillingness to negotiate an end to the shutdown. It is personal, petty, and vindictive. #stopit
Pelosi Struggles to Keep Dems United During Government Shutdown via @freebeacon https://t.co/wyZJONKKjl
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