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Don’t go over to the enemy’s territory. In your mind, quit thinking about what’s not going to work out and how the obstacles are too big. You may be tired from fighting, but God is about to send an abundance of rain to refresh the weary.
The forces that have held you back are being broken right now. The enemies you see today, you will see no more. Click here to listen to, "The Danger of Dry Places”: https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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Get your hopes up. Start expecting abundant rain. Get ready for overflow. God is about to exceed your expectations. You’re coming out of the dry place into more than enough.
The winds, the storms, the challenges, they’ve done all they could to stop you, but you’re still standing. Things are about to change in your favor. Negative situations are about to turn around. What you’ve been praying about is on the way.
God is about to breathe on your life in a new way. The victories you’ve seen in the past are going to pale in comparison to what God is about to do. Get this encouraging message from Joel, "The Danger of Dry Places": https://t.co/spV2a4HmrT
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Misery loves company. Don’t find five depressed friends and sit around and talk about how bad life is. Find some friends that are happy, energetic, positive. You need to be around people that are fun, people that laugh, people that brighten your day.
Don’t wait for thoughts of hope and faith to come; think them on purpose. If you’ll fill your mind with the right thoughts, there won’t be any room for the wrong thoughts.
Arise from the depression. Shake off what didn’t work out. Come out of that dry place. Watch Joel’s new message this morning on Podcast! "The Danger of Dry Places": https://t.co/KwNtaNHhCw
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You have to take control of your thought life. That’s where the battle is taking place. Thoughts will tell you, “You’re a victim. Life hasn’t been fair. The company doesn’t appreciate you.” If you let those thoughts continue to play, they’ll keep you from your destiny.
Forgive the people that did you wrong. They hurt you once, don’t let them continue to hurt you. They can’t stop your destiny unless you allow them to. You’re not forgiving for their sake; you’re forgiving for your sake.
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