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The president of the United States just said that the guaranteed right to free speech is "disgusting."
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Highly respected Senator Richard Burr, head of Senate Intelligence, said, after interviewing over 200 witnesses and studying over 2 million pages of documents, “WE HAVE FOUND NO COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA.” The Witch Hunt, so bad for our Country, must end!
Insects are declining worldwide because of pesticide use. This is nuts. We need bees!
One of the ugly facts laid bare in the Epstein plea deal is that many powerful people feel zero shame helping a billionaire who has molested girls as young as 14. Zero consequences. Crimes against kids happen not only because of the criminals but their support networks.
The administration just put a gag rule in place that bars Title X health care providers from referring patients for safe and legal abortions.

It's an attack on Planned Parenthood and 1.6 million patients who may not be able to afford care anywhere else. #IStandWithPP #NoGagRule
I am pleased to announce that Kelly Knight Craft, our current Ambassador to Canada, is being nominated to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations....
An open letter to my GOP colleagues:

You‘ve bemoaned Trump’s lack of decency, character and integrity. But you have chosen to keep your misgivings, your rising alarm, private.

That must end. The time for silent disagreement is over. You must speak out.
....Kelly has done an outstanding job representing our Nation and I have no doubt that, under her leadership, our Country will be represented at the highest level. Congratulations to Kelly and her entire family!
Rahul Ji, India is tired of your fake news. Stop sharing photos from that morning to shamelessly mislead the nation.
Maybe you knew in advance of the attack but people of India got to know in the evening.
Try a better stunt next time, where sacrifice of soldiers isn’t involved.
Combined 2018 profit of Amazon, GM, Netflix & Goodyear: $24.5 billion

Federal income taxes paid: $0

Combined federal tax refund: $275 million

Our job: Repeal all of the Trump tax giveaways to the top 1 percent and large corporations and rebuild the disappearing middle class.
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