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Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful fourth district.

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Today’s Left:

-First disrupt Republican town halls
-Then harass Trump supporters at restaurants and threaten people at home (Tucker Carlson)
-Sometimes just lie (Kavanaugh)
-And finally resort to finding votes after the election is over
It’s been 8 weeks since @nytimes reported that Rod Rosenstein talked to subordinates about recording the President and invoking the 25th Amendment.

Why has Mr. Rosenstein still not testified in front of Congress?
America is the greatest nation in history. On this 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, thanks to all our veterans who fought to protect the freedoms that make America special.
Tune into Life, Liberty & Levin with @marklevinshow on Sunday night at 10pm! I’ll be going on with @chiproytx.
"Rep. Jim Jordan on Democrats vs. Trump"

In 2016, we were elected to change Washington. President Trump’s been doing that! House Republicans need to demonstrate the same intensity to #DoWhatWeSaid

Thank you to the people of the Fourth District for giving me the privilege to continue fighting for families and taxpayers!
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