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Welcome to the pro-life supporters in DC for today’s March. Thank you for standing up for the sanctity of life.

We look forward to seeing some of you later today, especially the folks from the 4th District of Ohio!
Summer 2016—Ohr talks w/ Steele. Ohr then meets with FBI and DOJ and tells them:

-Steele is “desperate Trump not win”
-Steele and Ohr’s wife Nellie work for Fusion GPS
-Fusion connected to Clinton campaign

But FBI doesn’t tell FISA Court on Oct 21.

"Rep. Jordan: It's unbelievable that Pelosi uninvited Trump from the State of the Union" w/ @LouDobbs

Here's why we can't get a deal on securing the border and ending the shutdown: today's Left has taken the most radical positions in American history.
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.@freedomcaucus members are on the House floor fighting to secure the border and #DoWhatWeSaid.

Watch here: https://t.co/l4b0Sjgy51
Former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe investigated for leaking to the media.

Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker subject of investigation, same reason.

These guys are part of the team that launched the Trump-Russia probe.

In case you needed MORE proof that Democrats are more interested in stopping the President than helping the country...

They rejected President Trump’s invitation to meet at the White House. They refuse to come to a compromise to secure the border and end the shutdown.
Rod Rosenstein is exploring ways to make it easier to spy on journalists.

Freedom of the Press is an essential First Amendment liberty, and we must defend it.

@RepCummings let’s bring Rosenstein in front of our committee to testify.

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