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Eddie Lampert steps down as chairman of Sears' board via @YahooFinance
.@NickCohen4 is right that Labour has absolutely failed to grasp how bad the backlash will be if Corbyn helps May reach her Brexit goals
Yesterday I wrote a story about the decline of cars as an economic driver and today, right on cue from @PantheonMacro , comes this chart:
He's right.

No point in being the "opposition" if you don't actually oppose.
@AdamBienkov What is the Tory obsession with fruit-based products?

Remember when our post-Brexit fortunes were going to be made by selling marmalade and jam to Hong Kong?
Introducing 'JPM Coin': JPMorgan will be the first major US bank to launch its own cryptocurrency -
"I don't regret coming here ... When I saw my first severed head in a bin it didn't faze me at all"
Sweden allows every employee to take six months off and start their own business. via @businessinsider

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The closer the UK gets to Brexit the more the country regrets it, polls show via @businessinsider
Fully funded by American conservative think tanks.
A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues.
We now live in a world where an Englishman can write a story about Italian economics that will be read by an Irishwoman on NOA (News Over Audio)

Amid bad news, Business Insider parent says it crossed $100m revenue mark and is profitable via @digiday
Great stuff from @robaeprice
who is clearly deep inside Facebook
INSIDER did this.

Apple and Google have a lot of questions to answer.
A hedge fund's 'mercenary' strategy: Buy newspapers, slash jobs, sell the buildings - The Washington Post via @nuzzel
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