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@AEI DeWitt Wallace Fellow. @CNBC Contributor. Jeopardy! champ. @TheWeek columnist. Ex-Reuters.

Latest Scoops

Goldman Sachs: "While the timing is unclear, we expect the Commerce Department to recommend auto tariffs at some point after the midterm election but no later than February 2019."
Sears is mostly dead. And that's OK https://t.co/BpC2CZwjkb My latest from @TheWeek
“By com­par­i­son, the last time the job­less rate was be­low 4%, in 2000, the U.S. ran a bud­get sur­plus of 2.3% of GDP.” https://t.co/6Ta9jkiTS9
“Ac­cord­ing to Deutsche Bank, ac­quir­ing [robot maker] Kiva re­duced Ama­zon’s ful­fill­ment costs by 20%, and it blew an enor­mous hole in the plans of its com­peti­tors.” https://t.co/1ac9Jj7tGp
Did he say "humans" or "customers"? | Jeff Bezos predicts we'll have 1 trillion humans in the solar system https://t.co/oKPVsvVheX
Not fake news: “Pocahontas” is one of the many, many derivations of Pethokoukis. And hardly the most ridiculous one
🇺🇸🦅 | “This country is a gem . . . there aren't other countries everyone is trying to get in. This is a great country, and it does need to be defended.”
A 21% biz tax rate doesn’t solve all problems | “The dollar’s dominance may outlast the Trump era, but it is not inevitable. If the president continues to hack away at America’s institutions, the dollar, too, will suffer.” https://t.co/2rGl1zSP8b
The number of Sears stores actually doubled during the Great Depression (although I don’t know the number) https://t.co/rVnfpEq2KJ
“Of the world’s 15 largest digital firms, all are American or Chinese. Of the top 200, eight are European. Such firms matter.” https://t.co/m671zJvNye
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