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You can make a lot of money in the pundit game by affirming people’s prejudices and appealing to their worst instincts and saying untrue things with energy. ☹️
Spoiler: America is doing it wrong.
Amid all this US-China conflict, I something forget that my visit to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi, Kashgar) was one my favorite things ever. Love to go back ...
How to think about the US-China trade war: A long-read Q&A with Derek Scissors https://t.co/tykTIYWOFY
No, ‘socialist’ Canada isn’t exploiting America with unfair trade https://t.co/sXKSPReM0X
“A protectionist measure provides large benefits to a small number of people, and causes a very great number of consumers a slight loss.” Then rinse and repeat again and again.
Evening plans:

1. Read more “Clashing Over Commerce” by @D_A_Irwin
2. Watch Cubs beat Reds
3. Look for opportunity to drop phrase “game recognizes game” naturally into conversation with kids.
“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”
Obama economists vs. Biden economists. I see the full spectrum of views is being explored
Wake the kids and call the neighbors and catch me on @CNBC @PowerLunch at about 1:10 talking trade. That’s right, in just a little bit!
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