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How populists turn into authoritarians, via ⁦@martinwolf_⁩ and @FT
Watching some 1940s superhero serials while on the treadmill. 2 notes: First, Egyptian artifacts are a popular plot device. Second, they are very murdery. Like Captain Marvel (Shazam) machine-gunning three fleeing henchmen murdery.
“Why then all this talk of monopoly? ... Economists, government agents, journalists, and politicians ... obviously love the word because it ... is sure to rouse the public’s hostility” - Schumpeter
@top_eggs This dreadful piece reminded me of a classic "Chris Elliott, Jr Show " sketch (a takeoff of Morton Downey, Jr) from 1980s David Letterman:https://t.co/VGS51rJDdQ

That was as real super blood wolf moon stuff by Brady
After we are done with the current immigration fight, let’s start letting more immigrants in. Lots more. https://t.co/fg7vX9V8z4
Which tech journalists are must-follows on Twitter. Looking to expand my list. 🤖
Walking my dog in neighborhood. Suddenly huge dog – maybe a shep /direwolf mix —charges from open garage. My obviously insufficiently secured dog bolts. Chase ensues. Eventually Ghost gives up on catching my dog who shows up on my front lawn 40 mins later. Good morning 🌞
Not only did I love “Glass” —- huge “Unbreakable” fan — but I loved the call out to “Die Hard.”
Government Shutdown, Day:
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