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Latest Scoops

Son, 11: How famous are you?

Me: I’m America’s 4,752nd most famous television personality.

Son, 11: That sounds generous.
Son, 11, has hatched a plot to convince Daughter, 20, that she is living in an alternate reality where — among other things — she has a twin brother and the number “fifteen” has been replaced with “blorfteen.”
“Far from letting investment languish, S&P 500 firms have increased their R&D and capital expenditures as a percentage of revenue” https://t.co/8IANS1bnpx
Elizabeth Warren thinks workers are incapable of navigating their own healthcare and finance, yet also want them to run Amazon and JPMorgan. What now?
Elizabeth Warren seems to want to import Germany's business model. Is that same one which managed to get ZERO companies on the 2018 Forbes and Fast Company list of most innovative companies?
This may be the most hilarious line from Elizabeth Warren's WSJ op-ed: "Companies also are setting themselves up to fail." She sees what Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Satya Nadella are cannot!
Unemployment is below 4% and economic growth is above 4%. #AmericanCarnage
“A U.S. economy, flush with additional disposable income via $1.5 trillion tax cut, sustained strong job creation and solid demand for consumer credit, is firing on all cylinders.” -@joebrusuelas
🤡 ‘I Love Trump for That’: Colombian Rival of U.S. Window Makers Revels in Tariffs https://t.co/6Hy3AZmxy3
" ... it’s unlikely that the Rapa Nui civilization ran out of resources and fought amongst themselves to the point of extinction." https://t.co/w05jUkWFnq via @Gizmodo
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