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Trump’s Inaugural Committee Under Investigation – Prosecutors Looking At Pay-To-Play Accusations https://t.co/Gs0PUGzvyT via @JimHeathTV
Senate Rebukes Trump – Votes To Condemn Saudi Crown Prince For Khashoggi Murder, End Support For Yemen War https://t.co/CY5d4jpNxV via @JimHeathTV
All I want for Christmas is the gift of Newt Gingrich becoming Chief of Staff to Donald Trump.

That would be such a great present to write about (at least for a few months into 2019).
EXCLUSIVE: Grand Canyon, Marines, Fogged In & Missing Santa – A Christmas Story viahttps://t.co/Zqco2nl4uZ @JimHeathTV #ChristmasStory #Marines#GrandCanyon#Havasupai#Santa#Miracle
Trump Attempts To Tie New Trade Agreement To Mexico Paying For Border Wall https://t.co/pgUvOl7KWt via @JimHeathTV
Fox’s Judge Napolitano Says Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Committed A Felony https://t.co/PQIs15j9Av via @JimHeathTV
Williiam Shatner Weighs Into “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Debate – Calls Opponents Of Song “Prudes” https://t.co/bTTwPvqt9F via @JimHeathTV @WilliamShatner #BabyItsColdOutside
National Enquirer May Endanger Trump Presidency More Than Mueller – Tabloid Revealing Secrets To Prosecutors https://t.co/lSqsd8KETm via @JimHeathTV
Phoenix @Suns owner Robert Sarver is threatening to move.

Go ahead. Good riddance.

The Suns from the Jerry Colangelo era are long gone. Now it's just a horrible losing franchise & embarrassment to Arizona.
Fox News Hits Highest Ratings In 22 Years – MSNBC Closes Gap While CNN Falters https://t.co/mDl0YBvPAX via @JimHeathTV
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