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Sanjay Jha
pandit jawaharlal nehru spent 3259 days in jail almost 9 years of his life fighting against the british for in
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru spent 3259 days in jail, almost 9 years of his life, fighting against the British for India's freedom. Mr #Modi, you have the cheek to humiliate a world statesman from our great country.Tell me of one #RSS #BJP leader who fought a similar struggle? Even 1?

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ABP News
watch jawaharlal nehru was not pandit as he ate beef pork claims bjp mla
WATCH: Jawaharlal Nehru was not #pandit as he ate #beef, #pork claims BJP MLA

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Chelsea FC
missed it earlier here s our 25 man squad that has travelled to japan this week cfcinjapan
Missed it earlier?

Here's our 25-man squad that has travelled to Japan this week! 💪🇯🇵

Rick and Morty
the promised land is near here are the first images from season 4 rickandmorty adultswim
The promised land is near. Here are the first images from Season 4. #RickandMorty @adultswim
Dallas Mavericks
heres what our players will look like in their older years
Here’s what our players will look like in their older years...
Swansea City AFC
here s how we line up this evening
🔢 Here's how we line up this evening 👇
Bleacher Report
filthy via brfootball

(via @brfootball)
Bleacher Report
howd he pull that off via hamblow
How’d he pull that off? 🤯

(via @hamblow)
B/R Football
potential look for piemonte calcio on fifa20
Potential look for Piemonte Calcio on #FIFA20 ⚪⚫
Formula 1
@F1 1 hour
hold on tight six epic minutes of charlesleclerc v max33verstappen f1 britishgp
Hold on tight 👀

Six EPIC minutes of @Charles_Leclerc v @Max33Verstappen ⚔️

#F1 #BritishGP 🇬🇧
New Orleans Pelicans
in the building zo2
In the building @ZO2_ 🙌
Sergio Ramos
a tope de power halamadrid
💪🏻 ¡A tope de power! 💪🏻
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