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I don't want to encourage Trumpy Bear, but it seems like a real missed opportunity that it doesn't come with a pussy cat grasped in one hand
Has any parent ever successfully avoided getting the awful cold their kid has? SEND TIPS PLSE
Your reminder that being a feminist is scary every single day.
The truth is that white Republican women are not waiting for their minds to be changed by well-meaning feminists; they are *happy* to vote for Trump and to reap the benefits of white supremacy & patriarchy.
If the white women who support Trump have been unmoved by all the horror thus far, they may be a lost cause. https://t.co/NhHwyHQYz7
She's had to move four times, pay for a private security detail & hasn't been able to return to her job as a professor.

Can we stop talking about the "ruined lives" of accused men who didn't make that extra million now? https://t.co/LRm4m2LmgS
WHAT A TITLE! Congratulations!
In one of her ads she talked about running for office as "still mothering" her son who was killed, and that sentence and sentiment never left me.
Lucy McBath's win is so wonderful. That's all.
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