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BREAKING Report: 12 Iranians killed in Israeli strike on Syria; total rises to 21 https://t.co/jlvwuRyX74
U.S. to proceed with extradition of Huawei CFO https://t.co/38wHA7vdyf
BREAKING Plane goes missing over English Channel https://t.co/5yEX94zVpe
'Post' op-ed by Israeli pilot with invite to MBS raises ire in Iran https://t.co/DJyZDQ1QMO
BREAKING Report: Security cabinet to discuss tensions in the north https://t.co/dQL0i1MloE
BREAKING Iran official: ‘Working with Syria is essential to eradicate terror' https://t.co/hipC2Qwo5d
IDF comically responds to Iranian attack from Syria in Twitter post https://t.co/e7mAe75l3y
Party Leaders vow integrity and honesty in campaign https://t.co/5u7J5Sbi3O
BREAKING Rivlin lambasts attack on rule of law, hints at Netanyahu's criticism https://t.co/4Yfn7pZuQZ
The woman and organization behind legal victories against antisemitism https://t.co/C7Xu2ipGcI @jpostjewish
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