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Hiiii @kitkat eyeshadow palettes, how are ya? 🍫 Filming my review today!!
Hiiii @kitkat eyeshadow palettes, how are ya? 🍫 Filming my review today!!
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.@weareoneexo's Suho is emerging as a style star in his own right.
😱NEW VIDEO ALERT!!!❌ Trying TJ MAXX makeup for the first time... Oh boy:
BREAKING: Despite massive opposition, the Trump-Pence administration just released its unethical gag rule, making it illegal for Title X health care providers to refer patients for abortion. #NoGagRule #DontGagMyCare
All my friends have texted me asking to buy the @LouisVuitton #Prism bag that I'm giving away 😂😂 hahaha There's a 6 month waiting list for it I guess.. Can't relate! ONE OF YOU will win it!!!
It's official: @Zendaya is now a #Lancome Ambassadress! A warm welcome to the club!
💄: Lancôme Color Design in Socialite
A living wage is an antidepressant.
It is a sleep aid.
A diet.
A stress reliever.
It is a contraceptive, preventing teenage pregnancy.
It prevents
premature death.
It shields children from neglect.
MONDAY WILL BE ICONIC!!! 💖 The #MorpheXJeffreeStar brush & sponge collections are comin’ back on Monday!!!! 😇 Get ready to shop on 2.25 at 9AM PST / NOON EST only at and in @MorpheBrushes stores!! 💅🏻
See every look from @EtroOfficial's Fall 2019 collection:
Woke up in the best fucking mood!!!! 🔥❤️ New video and giveaway will be up in less than two hours!!
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