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OUR NOW. #MYCALVINS: introducing our #Spring2019 #CALVINKLEINJEANS and #CALVINKLEINUNDERWEAR campaign — featuring @ShawnMendes, @noahcent, @asvpxrocky, and @KendallJenner. Shot and directed by Glen Luchford. See more at

Music: “True Faith” by New Order
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NEW VIDEO TOMORROW feat. The Dolan Twins 🔥 Any guesses what we filmed??
as an adult, I refuse to continuously have conversations with other adults on how to treat/be a friend to me. I just remove myself from your life and stop talking to you. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Happy #PresidentsDay to a man that made it all look so easy, @BarackObama! P.S. Barack & @MichelleObama, if you're reading this, we’ve learned our lesson. We’ll never take you for granted again. Please come on home.
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Croatia's 8 best islands (because we couldn't choose just one)
So many good things coming soon 😇🥶
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