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Not to be controversial but I, for one, do not approve of that pederast Nazi in the news lately!
Today in @HuffPostHill: Trump To Suffer Through Presidential Holiday About Someone Else https://t.co/8b7jbfW2m9
Kind of amazing: Kansas will vote on expanding Medicaid even while Trump and Congress work to kill the ACA. https://t.co/9mtPZII3c7
Today in @HuffPostHill: Thank God It's Friday https://t.co/8b7jbfW2m9
The worst part is that it's still only Monday.
Feel like you've seen this movie before? You have. https://t.co/VePqJdrjCa
Trump and Ryan say the Obamacare "replacement" will be ready next month. Uh huh. https://t.co/91HnElfYFB
Yeah, dude. We know. We saw Trump's presser today.
Yeah, dude. We know. We saw Trump's presser today.
If we asked Trump nicely, do we think he'd give us just one day off from all this?
Let's be fair and focus on the positive: At least Trump wasn't wearing a tan suit. 🇺🇸
Read @dceiver: "The Continuing History Of The Republican Alternative To Obamacare" https://t.co/txnpcVhXfB
It's only been 27 days.
"You're black so I assume you can arrange meetings for me with other black people."
That would be almost exactly seven years since Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law.
HUGE SCOOP* on the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan! https://t.co/L4L9hzpcFG

*From June 22, 2016
Why is everyone getting all excited about a slight repackaging of the House GOP ACA "replacement" outline from eight months ago?
We've now reached the "quoting the Uber driver" portion of this confirmation hearing. I don't remember what day it is anymore.
I'm watching but everything everyone says just sounds like the grownups from Charlie Brown cartoons.
That was mildly entertaining. McCain blocked the super-qualified McClellan's confirmation until the White House agreed to the hearing.
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