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In which I explain to POTUS what a bailout is. https://t.co/8uoiV1Rm4u
It's HuffPost and @HuffPost.
LOL @ "Obamacares repealed: 0" https://t.co/d3rzdOgK2l
Today in @HuffPostHill: Donald Trump Promised Ten Of These Things, Guess Which One He Actually Did https://t.co/8b7jbfW2m9
I'm picturing something like this. Am I close? https://t.co/GeQf2WLl4g
Because it's #takeyourchildtoworkday, we should honor Senator Baby, the most powerful baby in America. https://t.co/TZmFSNKQRU
Like 90% of this AHCA piece @samsteinhp and I wrote over a month ago is just as true today. https://t.co/3XjiCKkwFr
A+ dek on this @SebastianMurdoc joint: https://t.co/O9OeJTbfMw
.@molinahealth CEO J. Mario Molina explains the consequences of Trump's threat to cut off Obamacare funding: https://t.co/acURRJRBlg
I asked an insurance CEO to explain the dangerous game Trump is playing with Obamacare: https://t.co/acURRJRBlg
Dems threaten to block stopgap government funding bill if GOP moves on Obamacare repeal, @lbarronlopez reports: https://t.co/IEvpIjG4Dc
The @HuffPost NYC office is teeming with adorable moppets!
When I wrote this in November, I really considered this outcome a long shot. Now, I'm less sure. https://t.co/QQ3KlA5SeN
Today in @HuffPostHill Trump Tax Plan Empowers Countless More Americans To Bribe An Underwhelming Child Into College https://t.co/8b7jbfW2m9
The Senate exists, @mmcauliff reports. https://t.co/GnjT3b0FLS
Insurers say Trump commitment on ObamaCare payments falls short https://t.co/Ns7IE4k0Sd
Let's not lose sight of the fact that one party controls the entire federal government and we're STILL talking about a shutdown.
Big deal! Read about why.
Is the White House actually proposing scrapping the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health benefits or are people just speculating?
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