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Well, Price's HHS confirmation hearing was about as informative and consequential as virtually all congressional hearings.
Murray asks Price to explain his statement that no woman goes without contraception because of cost. His dodge was pretty clumsy.
Also, being uninsured means you have an infinite deductible.
In conclusion, the GOP's position on deductibles is completely incoherent.
Before the ACA, high deductibles to give patients "skin in the game" was the hot conservative health reform idea.
And for the millionth time, I'll point out that virtually all GOP health reform plans have relied on high deductibles.
If you shrink the deductible, you have to raise the premiums, increase other cost-sharing, cut benefits, or all of them. It's just math.
Every time a Republican lawmaker rails against high deductibles, they're making it even harder for them to create an ACA "replacement."
Tom Price just contradicted Trump team's defense of his questionable stock trades https://t.co/5Hmf6vNsMY via @PaulBlu
Donald Trump and Tom Price say they don't want anyone to lose their health insurance. Doesn't mean they won't: https://t.co/K7KXAsoLVq
Here's an interesting fact about Tom Price: Unlike (most?) other Trump nominees, he's NOT a billionaire! Just a multimillionaire.
And it's a huge over-promise to come from a crowd that loves to slam Obama for saying people could keep their plans, doctors, etc.
This promise that patients would get to make all the choices sort of ignores that other parties are paying the bills and have a say.
Meanwhile, @YourHealthIdaho, the state's Obamacare exchange, reports "record" enrollment.
Meanwhile, @YourHealthIdaho, the state's Obamacare exchange, reports 'record' enrollment.
Price wants to know why there are still millions without health insurance. There's an answer:
Price wants to know why there are still millions without health insurance. There's an answer:
Franken to Price on ACA repeal: "I am very frightened by what you're going to do, and so are millions of Americans"
For those of you watching this Price hearing, it's annoyingly normal for lawmakers' "questions" to not actually be questions.
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