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Latest Scoops

Congratulations to Justin Muzinich on his confirmation as Deputy Secretary of @USTreasury. He is a bright and thoughtful leader who will continue to serve our country with integrity.
So proud of my friend @RosLehtinen's tremendous career in public service. Congress is losing one of its absolute finest.https://t.co/mdqxr2CW7B
Passing along a few outtakes of my parents that Bob Hope shared back in the day. https://t.co/SBaOFPP8PA
Thankful to all of the servicemen and servicewomen who have honored and watched over their former Commander-in-Chief this week.
I commend for his forward-thinking appointment of as Florida’s next Commissioner of Education. Richard is one of the state’s most experienced leaders and has long been a trailblazer in #edreformhttps://t.co/YGWXMQiQJv
I’m excited to announce that will kick off our 2018 National Summit on tomorrow#EdReform. Ben has become one of our nation’s most inspiring leaders by advocating policies that will expand opportunity for every American #EIE18https://t.co/EJUW6yGVD4
President Bush's moving eulogy of our beloved Father https://t.co/cRJesQtnp0
The enduring heartbeat of George H.W. Bush, via presidential historian @MarkKUpdegrove #Remembering41 https://t.co/E6MN6bqaux
Just incredible. Thank you Senator Dole.
Joining the @WSJ CEO Council right now to discuss my Father's tremendous legacy of public service #WSJCEOCouncil https://t.co/OScTcHKFcy
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