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Senior Meteorologist Fox News Channel, Mommy to Matthew and Theodore, Author of Freddy the Frogcaster. Otherwise known as the #Weathermachine

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I feel like I’m being so good when I order soup for a meal. And then I pour 100 oyster crackers into it. Oh and bread. With butter.
Chilly temperatures for millions this morning. #Cat4 #HurricaneWilla will crash into Mexico and bring unwanted moisture to Texas. We're also watching a potential #NorEaster this weekend! Plenty to cover with details coming up @foxandfriends #GoodMorning
Yoga class? I thought you said Pour a glass!!! 😂😂😂
Writing out #lunchboxjokes for my kids. All of them have a spooky #Halloween theme this week! 👻🎃
We can learn a lot from this sweet dog and her humans! ❤️ @dodo https://t.co/f9RmWbPbBa
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Coming forward and letting others know she has #ms will ultimately help all of us that share the diagnosis and live with it. I applaud ⁦@SelmaBlair⁩ for her post. You’re not alone, sister! #Togetherstronger https://t.co/goa1YQn5yo
Just seeing this now. She will help people by talking about her diagnosis. ❤️
Hi @SelmaBlair I’m a #MultipleSclerosis sister. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. We’re grateful you told us because so many are afraid to. I promise you will be ok. The diagnosis is scary, but it gets better. I promise. Please let me know if I can help. You are not alone. ❤️
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