The President of the United States has an online poll on the press’s coverage of him. It is deranged. Take it.
Latest Scoops
"The alpha males are back," said Sebastian Gorka, apparently believing demonizing Muslims enhances one's manhood.
Get to know the name "Felix Sater."
"You know who’s not the enemy, in his book? Alex Jones." @jimrutenberg, on this @POTUS taking cues from a lunatic.
Happy President's Day. We need a special prosecutor conducting an independent investigation into the current one.
The publisher’s “careful consideration” was likely that a book written by a man who endorses pedophilia wouldn’t sell well.
LA LA LAND, this year's Oscar favorite, features a white man trying to save a black art form. @ira wrote about that.
"Hidden figures" are still amongst us. @amy_harmon, on race, mathematics, and removing obstacles to genius.
A black @Yale student who had been fighting to change the name of Calhoun College discovered he was his descendant.
I'd missed this news about @Yale changing the name of their residential college named for a white supremacist.
I’ve long felt there are innumerable paths to the divine. So I’m looking forward to @rezaaslan’s new show, BELIEVER.
Nji Collins Gbah won Google’s annual coding contest. He’s from Bamenda, Cameroon, where the internet was shut down.
If it took this for you to consider Milo Yiannopoulos disgraceful, only you know why.
If Trump were actually curious about black life in America, he could open a book. Alas. @mychalsmith, on that.
Sally Hemings was enslaved by Thomas Jefferson and bore several of his children. His home will soon reflect that.
August Wilson is our Shakespeare. I enjoyed this conversation between @Wesley_Morris and Ben Brantley about him.
Denzel Washington should win. Viola Davis should win. But I really want August Wilson to win.
The real issue is his recklessness. Falsely implying that refugees are committing attacks in Sweden could get people hurt here in America.
Trump's primary source of intelligence is a sycophantic propaganda network that employs one or two decent anchors. We've known this.
Propagandist media and aspiring totalitarians work in concert. It will be fascinating when Fox News remembers that it doesn't need Trump.
It has been 75 years since FDR empowered the internment of Japanese-Americans. @GeorgeTakei remembers, and warns.
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