The President of the United States has an online poll on the press’s coverage of him. It is deranged. Take it.
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Americans apparently need to see video of cops killing people to care about cops killing people. My latest.
I'm glad this is on the agenda of black lawmakers in Washington. But I doubt @TheJusticeDept lifts a finger to help.
He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare "immediately." He didn't need Democrats to pass it. Facts still matter.
Good God, do I love sports.
The @nytopinion board correctly characterizes the murder of Timothy Caughman as an act of racial terrorism.
The start of Friday’s @maddow show was mandatory viewing. Make the time to watch it all.
The former director of the CIA just accused Turkey/Trump advisor Michael Flynn of conspiring to kidnap a guy.
Unpopular @POTUS gives struggling minority party credit for killing loathed bill and saving popular social program.
You can’t govern by cult of personality. @costareports, @AshleyRParker, and @PhilipRucker on Trump’s failure today.
You can’t govern by cult of personality. @costareports, @AshleyRParker, and @PhilipRucker on Trump’s failure today.
"Here’s the good news," Trump told @costareports. "Health care is now totally the property of the Democrats."
Trump is dropping bombs on Iraqi civilians, seemingly with little abandon.
Obamacare is popular. The President just gave @TheDemocrats credit for saving it. I'm sure they'll take it.
Imagine the trouble that the Republican Party could have avoided had they just been okay with Americans electing a black president.
You can see just who will get screwed if the AHCA becomes law. @fivefifths breaks it down.
This should be Washington's top priority at the moment.
Trump became @SpeakerRyan's pitchman because they've never really disagreed on duping the poor to help the rich.
Timothy Caughman seemed like an amazing guy. His murderer only saw his skin color. Necessary journalism here.
Republican opposition to Obamacare has been a bag of fuckery for eight years now. We're seeing a fitting conclusion.
All Trump did with this insistence on a Friday vote is center himself in the debate, which I suppose is always his point. But when it fails?
Outside of an impeachment hearing, Republicans may not ever get this good a chance again to stand apart from Trump.
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