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Latest Scoops
Americans apparently need to see video of cops killing people to care about cops killing people. My latest. https://t.co/EUGuZu11dE
I'm glad this is on the agenda of black lawmakers in Washington. But I doubt @TheJusticeDept lifts a finger to help. https://t.co/8Z2VbF4kXq
He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare "immediately." He didn't need Democrats to pass it. Facts still matter. https://t.co/rDyThgDVLZ
Good God, do I love sports.
The @nytopinion board correctly characterizes the murder of Timothy Caughman as an act of racial terrorism. https://t.co/u2UXcLvti4
The start of Friday’s @maddow show was mandatory viewing. Make the time to watch it all. https://t.co/AdluqFI99S https://t.co/VMof8tez7O
The former director of the CIA just accused Turkey/Trump advisor Michael Flynn of conspiring to kidnap a guy. https://t.co/2yEqJbOECR
Unpopular @POTUS gives struggling minority party credit for killing loathed bill and saving popular social program. https://t.co/C4tj6ng8CL
You can’t govern by cult of personality. @costareports, @AshleyRParker, and @PhilipRucker on Trump’s failure today. https://t.co/zl8PNijwV3
You can’t govern by cult of personality. @costareports, @AshleyRParker, and @PhilipRucker on Trump’s failure today. https://t.co/zl8PNijwV3
"Here’s the good news," Trump told @costareports. "Health care is now totally the property of the Democrats." https://t.co/1BXpjQxxk9
Trump is dropping bombs on Iraqi civilians, seemingly with little abandon. https://t.co/660dJPMcI1
Obamacare is popular. The President just gave @TheDemocrats credit for saving it. I'm sure they'll take it.
Imagine the trouble that the Republican Party could have avoided had they just been okay with Americans electing a black president.
You can see just who will get screwed if the AHCA becomes law. @fivefifths breaks it down. https://t.co/lQHLXmQrDZ
This should be Washington's top priority at the moment. https://t.co/v52hmZTq6n
Trump became @SpeakerRyan's pitchman because they've never really disagreed on duping the poor to help the rich. https://t.co/1vBqHYYPMj
Timothy Caughman seemed like an amazing guy. His murderer only saw his skin color. Necessary journalism here. https://t.co/ScptonCM9j
Republican opposition to Obamacare has been a bag of fuckery for eight years now. We're seeing a fitting conclusion. https://t.co/46Z4LUukWS
All Trump did with this insistence on a Friday vote is center himself in the debate, which I suppose is always his point. But when it fails?
Outside of an impeachment hearing, Republicans may not ever get this good a chance again to stand apart from Trump. https://t.co/vVwbje8MmU
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