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I lived there nearly 14 years in total. Been there, @greghoward88. https://t.co/fjAnalaVQg
I lived there nearly 14 years in total. Been there, @greghoward88. https://t.co/fjAnalaVQg
The "pivot to video" claims more victims. Someone get wise and hire the good editors and writers of @VICESports. https://t.co/A79u7DXTDT
It is curious why Russia sanctions are the only significant issue where Republicans in Congress resist Trump. https://t.co/g5NHmKAYOa
Kenneth Starr was good for something, after all. One of his old memos details how a @POTUS can be indicted. https://t.co/slK2RFYXLT
The new @WhiteHouse communications director thinks deleting his old liberal tweets is "full transparency," so long as he tells us first.
"Being humble" won't stop a cop from killing you. Police violence is a police problem. It is up to police to fix it. https://t.co/eGvsz3VtyV
I wrote this before Justine Damond was killed, but the argument stands. Respectability won't end police violence. https://t.co/eGvsz3VtyV
No one can behave themselves away from bearing the brunt of police violence. Nor should they be expected to do so. https://t.co/eGvsz3VtyV
This can't be said too often. "Pro-life" has never meant what it sounds like. "Pro-forced birth" is more accurate. https://t.co/SR23M7epYs
Fantasizing about a modern Confederate slavery isn't the same as doing the same with the Allies losing WWII. Wars do not make shows similar.
Please spare us the comparisons between CONFEDERATE and THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. It's intellectually and historically dishonest.
Today's @realDonaldTrump tweets show a president who is increasingly unhinged, defensive, and grammatically challenged. Like every day.
I too want Sessions gone. But @JoyAnnReid told me that Trump will just find another version of him. Listen below. https://t.co/QX29wQwdoI
Suppose @POTUS wants Sessions gone and the @WhiteHouse leaked this information. Did they endanger national security to satisfy Trump's whim?
As @MalcolmNance and others have noted, this leak tells Russia which methods of communication that we can intercept. https://t.co/VpGLg8oH9Z
If only we saw this kind of accountability after every unjustified police shooting, we might get somewhere. https://t.co/DqpHvreVI7
I'm unsure how much more of a focal point Kyrie would be on any other good NBA team. The guy got the rock to win a title, for God's sakes.
Good thing we got that one title. https://t.co/MoRnT2ySFO
Appropriate alarmism from @brianbeutler. https://t.co/uEfsvtBdQ6
It was good to be back in New York City this week to host @BrianLehrer's show on @WNYC. Find all of the audio here. https://t.co/erxxdUhCMT
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