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Sport presenter and journalist, ITV/BBC. Football, darts. Director of Women in Football. Event host/speaker. Mum of two. MBE for trying to make a difference.

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Not short of talking points - what a final!
@DTguardian Excellent article. I couldn’t believe when I last dealt with them (re mental health story) that they only had a part-time press officer.
@KarenFaz @bedspolice @LutonFC_PoliceBBC Good for you. Intelligent people (including the police) understand that a lack of audio evidence does not necessarily mean it didn’t happen. Shame you’ve had to put up with so much vitriolic abuse for doing what you felt was right. Time to move on.
Imagine what that money could do for @WolvesWomen instead....
He’s set the bar high, the lad! Great job ✍️ 👏
Because I was watching Match of the Day and saw it. As if I have time to trawl through clips looking for wrongdoing!
Just a fabulous game. Huge credit to @JonnyClay9 🎯
@jamiecriddle @JohnAmaechi I agree with John. I was referring to her extraordinary will power but he’s right that it shouldn’t have been allowed. Take the decision out of her hands.
Phenomenal courage. Wow!
@AldershotR @refsupportuk @5liveSport @chriswaddle93ef Do they care? It’s mostly about pushing boundaries and marginal gains. Maybe different when they retire but too late then. The officials need/deserve all the support they can get. VAR will help.
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