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Sport presenter and journalist, ITV/BBC. Football, darts. Director of Women in Football. Event host/speaker. Mum of two. MBE for trying to make a difference.

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@southammark Ha ha! A few of the walk-ons put me in a great mood and that is one of them! Can’t wait to get back with the @ITV4 team end of Oct 🎯
@janegarvey1 She’d said to David before going into Chequers to see PM: “if anything happens to me, go back to the Deathstar”. She’d referred to DS while showing him that photo in her flat. He must’ve twigged and gone back to look at it and found the device. #bodyguard
Gana Gueye was day-dreaming when Obiang played the one-two with Arnautovic for West Ham’s third goal. Totally switched off. #efc #whufc
30 goal attempts for Wolves - a 1-0 pummelling of Burnley. Room for improvement but a fine start to life in the PL. Back to back wins and clean sheets. #wwfc #twitterclarets
Two former #WBA strikers up front for Burnley now, just to add to the Molineux atmosphere… #wwfc
Good saves by Hart but Wolves again nowhere near clinical enough. #wwfc #twitterclarets
Slightly mixed emotions for Joe Hart’s parents today, seeing as they’re Wolves fans. #wwfc #twitterclarets
Just asked a Met Police officer if it’s been nice and quiet for him and his colleagues after #Millwall v #LUFC. He smiled nervously and replied “not really....”. #understatement
Neil Harris on Millwall scoring from Ryan Leonard long throw v Leeds. “We thought they’d (set pieces) be a weakness and we were right.” #millwall #leeds
Longest post-match press conference for a while just then with Bielsa (and translator), Neil Harris comes in and says “I won’t be that long!” #millwall #lufc
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