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JTA | Jewish news
dayton jews are cautioned to keep away from kkk rally
Dayton Jews are cautioned to keep away from KKK rally

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Maria Popova
on moral philosopher and political economy pioneer adam smith s birthday his underappreciated wisdom on happin
On moral philosopher and political economy pioneer Adam Smith's birthday, his underappreciated wisdom on happiness, benevolence, and kindness
Salman Khan
happy bday yohan dads got ur back and i got ur front but dont fly too high
Happy bday Yohan... dad’s got ur back and I got ur front .... but don’t fly too high
@wsbtv 1 hour
prince harry shares new photo of archie on his first father s day
Prince Harry shares new photo of Archie on his first Father's Day
For The Men
asking for a friend
Asking for a friend
Hindustan Times
3000 radiologists from maharashtra to join protest today sadagurupandit reports
3,000 radiologists from Maharashtra to join protest today

(@Sadaguru_Pandit reports)
@Genius 1 hour
no role models to speak of searchin through my memory my memory i couldn t find one
no role models to speak of/ searchin' through my memory, my memory, i couldn't find one
Bandai Namco US
y hear me i m gonna beat you all the has been revealed for jump force get bakugo in the characters pass when h
"...Y'hear me?! I'm gonna... beat you all!"

The #bestboy has been revealed for JUMP FORCE! Get Bakugo in the Characters Pass when he is released!
@Fact 2 hours
the harder the life the stronger you ll become the stronger you become the easier the life will be
The harder the life, the stronger you'll become. The stronger you become, the easier the life will be.
The Dodo
@dodo 1 hour
he s actually the happiest guy
He's actually the happiest guy 😊
Gentleman Tips ?
three things you don t do 1 beg for anyone to stay in your life 2 beg for anyone to talk to you 3 beg for anyo
Three things you don't do.
1. Beg for anyone to stay in your life.
2. Beg for anyone to talk to you.
3. Beg for anyones attention.
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