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I welcome this huge deal that will enrich the state treasury and also the important decision to keep the company in Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the acquisition of Sodastream:
The recent major acquisitions of Israeli companies prove not only the technological capabilities that have been developed in Israel but the business capabilities as well.
We appreciate as well the continued American commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge, which enables us to defend ourselves by ourselves against any threat.
I believe tha @POTUSt 's decision to leave the disastrous Iran deal was nothing less than a hinge of history. And Israel applauds the Trump administration's determination to re-impose tough sanctions on Iran and those doing business with Iran.
Israel is also grateful for the Trump administration's unequivocal support for Israel in international forums, and on international issues. We hear it every day, on the podiums in the White House, in the State Department, at the UN. This is deeply appreciated, and deeply valued.
I want to use this opportunity once again, to than @POTUSk Trump for walking away from the terrible deal with Iran. The nuclear deal did not block Iran's path to the bomb - it paved Iran's path to an entire nuclear arsenal.
Unde @POTUSr Trump, that alliance has grown stronger than it's ever been and your visit here gives us an opportunity to make it even stronger, and align our policies even more closely on Iran, Syria, Gaza and on the many challenges that face both our countries in this region.
We've consistently increased our defense spending. We insist on defending ourselves by ourselves and appreciate all manner of American support, but we believe that the alliance is the alliance of the strong and like-minded and we share America's values of freedom and liberty.
You've been a consistent champion of our alliance in and out of government.
It’s a wonderful alliance and Israel believes that it has no greater friend and ally than the United States and I believe that the United States has no greater friend and ally than Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently meeting with US National Security Adviser @AmbJohnBolton.

"Your visit comes after the historic decision by @POTUS Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, to move the Embassy here"

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