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Strength is when you have so much to cry for but you prefer to smile instead.

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Ergodic: systems or processes with the property that, given time, they include or impinge on all points in a given space and can be represented statistically by a large selection of points. Thank you Ludwig Boltzmann ForMemRS, born #onthisday 1844, for coining this word
One compliment can have an impact for a lifetime. Don’t withhold your blessing. Your words can impact people years from now.
@MisterCBooz @ZionNPSThanks! In anticipation of heavy snow, several roads at @ZionNPShave closed. Be careful out there! Visit updates. ❄️
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. -1Cor 16:13
Worry increases pressure; prayer releases peace.
Dynamic duo @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO are finally taking the challenge and going against the wings of death, but will they make it to wing 10? Find out tomorrow @ 11AM on #HotOnes 🔥
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Chupa Chups and 7-Eleven have teamed up to bring two slurpee flavours to life
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Instead of focusing on all the bad, be thankful for all the good. Each day you have is a blessing from God.
Cleansing is great, but eating after a detox is even better, especially when you know and feel healthier and stronger in every moment!!
Courage is having the encounter of fear and overcoming it. Instead of running away, you stand up and speak with faith. (The assurance of hope!) #Success #1000M #DREAMBIG #executivecoaching for #Leaders
It's wild how having a great job can still leave you feeling so far behind the curve financially compared to your peers (and racked with guilt for not being more grateful for where you are) when you don't have family assets to lean on
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