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  3. fake friends believe in rumors. real friends believe in you.
Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.


Hey #SoMa! We're looking to hire an AGM, bartender, shift leaders and teammates in our #SanFrancisco shack! Send us your resumes and your friends' resumes and join our team! You could be as happy as these guys. 😃#NowHiring #NowHiringSFShttps://t.co/JxzXLEdK5zF
"Partnering with No Kid Hungry allows us to bring food to kids in need” says Chef Bobby Flay. “They’re a very important organization that I really believe in and support.” Thank you @bflay for being a #hungerhero! Click to order: https://t.co/uSIO0oe9QZ
F***!!!! Kids opposite just set a fire, got in real trouble. I called 999 but seriously you would not believe the video I took! Fire brigade here now. Police coming.
When you believe it, you will see it. In the mean time, don't block the view for others. askforpete
The past year has been grueling. Pan Ei tol @TIMEd : "Some Facebook friends attacked me and would ask, 'Can't you control your husband?' They called him and Kyaw Soe Oo traitors. I have become numb to ithttps://t.co/NEUJbsok49. " (Great photo @moises_saman #FreeWaLoneKyawSoeOoby )
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