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India Today
in an exclusive conversation with actor talks about his upcoming film
In an exclusive conversation with @Sushant_IToday, actor @TomHolland1996 talks about his upcoming #Spiderman film #FarFromHome. #InDaClub
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Donald J. Trump
just returned to the white house from the great state of north carolina what a crowd and what great people the
Just returned to the White House from the Great State of North Carolina. What a crowd, and what great people. The enthusiasm blows away our rivals on the Radical Left. #2020 will be a big year for the Republican Party!
Mehdi Hasan
theyre trying to get ilhan omar killed its that simple
They’re trying to get Ilhan Omar killed. It’s that simple.
Amy Klobuchar
tonight on a stage the president returned to bigotry once again inciting hatredit s what he likes to do the wo
Tonight on a stage the President returned to bigotry once again. Inciting hatred—it's what he likes to do. The words “Are there no limits to what he will say or do?” ring hollow here, until you answer: there is a limit, & it rests with me—stand up, speak out, organize and VOTE.
The Hill
ilhan omar shares maya angelou quote after trump rally crowd chants send her back
Ilhan Omar shares Maya Angelou quote after Trump rally crowd chants "send her back"
U.S. Dept of Defense
live dodpaa holds an honorable carry ceremony at jointbasephh to repatriate remains of us service members
LIVE: @dodpaa holds an honorable carry ceremony at @JointBasePHH to repatriate remains of U.S. service members.
Shashi Tharoor
those indians who are confused by the unseemly pakistani crowing about the should note that the pak judgment h
Those Indians who are confused by the unseemly Pakistani crowing about the #KulbhushanVerdict should note that the Pak judgment has been stayed. Pak has2review it as per established principles of justice, not as they want. If they hold another sham trial, India can approach ICJ
INC India
we remember on his birth anniversary the incredible humanitarian amp advocate for freedom amp peace on this da
We remember #NelsonMandela on his birth anniversary, the incredible humanitarian & advocate for freedom & peace. On this day, we must come to together to honour his sacrifices & work towards creating a world with peace, equality, freedom & justice for all.
Judicial Watch ?
at remember obama knew about hillary clintons emails we found material that the obama white house orchestrated
@TomFitton at #WCS2019: “Remember, Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s emails. We found material that the Obama White House orchestrated the cover-up. The #Clintonemailscandal was an Obama, FBI, and DOJ scandal.”
INC India
@INCIndia 48 minutes
today we honour kadambini ganguly who was the first woman to graduate from india as well as the entire british
Today we honour Kadambini Ganguly, who was the first woman to graduate from India as well as the entire British Empire. She was also the first South Asian woman to become a physician trained in western medicine. We celebrate her triumphs on her birth anniversary.
The New Yorker
and the new yorker on black land loss a huge factor in the racial wealth gap in the us if you want to underst
.@ProPublica and The New Yorker on black land loss, a huge factor in the racial wealth gap in the U.S.: “If you want to understand wealth and inequality in this country, you have to understand black land loss.”
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