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Tej Pratap Yadav's invitation came after BJP MP @ShatruganSinha criticised PM Narendra Modi
All about one of Poll PUBG's most successful contenders: Player EVM
Given the possibility of a post-poll alliance, Congress is handling both the parties with kid gloves.
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Operations at Bengaluru airport will take a hit from February 14 to February 24 as Aero India show will commence from next month.
Watch #SouthSuperfast to know other top stories from Karnataka
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State Police department releases a compiled data on the number of missing cases in Kerala last year. Watch this and more on #SouthSuperfast
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Actor Dhanush announces his next project. In a tweet, he said that he will start filming Asuran from 26th January.
Watch this and other top stories from Tamil Nadu
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This #KPop fan just took fan craze to an altogether new level.

Snowfall disrupts normal life in Kashmir. Watch this ground report by @ShujaUH
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BJP-led Maha govt is destroying Mumbai: @sanjaynirupam
(By @mayuganapatye)
Sugarcane prices have always played a key role in Maharashtra's politics.
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