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Facebook launches major scheme to help fund local journalism https://t.co/1KMY3OOxwL
This might be the most embarrassing moment on Who Wants to be a Millionaire yet https://t.co/QtaFWVA768
Chipotle reconsider firing manager for telling black customers to pay before having food over 'dine and dash' fears https://t.co/0aQABbgC4r
George RR Martin's new book Fire and Blood may be frustrating for fans still waiting on Winds of Winter https://t.co/cD0E3Mfo6r
Troye Sivan announces dates for his Bloom tour in the UK and Europe – here's how to get tickets https://t.co/zK32HkNUQq
Saddam Hussein memorial plaque mysteriously appears on bench in London https://t.co/Juu35fRxvW
Thousands urged to evacuate from around Volcano of Fire as glowing lava appears at summit - follow live updates https://t.co/sUOkraoIS3
UK property asking prices cut by £5,000 https://t.co/iJDa4SbAmr
Woman shares chilling texts to show the psychological abuse her husband put her through https://t.co/LaF0VzUOUR
Danny Dyer goes on extraordinary rant about Nigel Farage https://t.co/SYH8p0vwcQ
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