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"Happy birthday to MEEEE!" May we all one day be as fabulous as #DianaRoss celebrating her 75th birthday at the #Grammys.
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'Scrawny mother f*****s with the cool hair styles'- today's #WorldRecord from @wallowsmusic 'Scrawny' 👉🏼📲 LISTEN
Too much fun last night supporting my best friend and makeup artist @YolondaFredrick. She won an #hba! So proud.
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Malia Obama is a private citizen. No part of her life should be anyone’s clickbait.
Jeff Hart was a noted literary scholar who wrote speeches for Nixon and Reagan. But his greatest impact was on a whole generation of Dartmouth students whose lives he changed. His real legacy is us. RIP
So excited about this campaign. Thank you @CalvinKlein and Glen Luchford. Our Now. #MyCalvins
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Yo Picasso! Happy birthday homie! 💪🏾🍾🔥🍾✊🏾@drdre
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“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”- The little prince, my mama’s favorite book and also one of mine 🌞
Ain’t nothing free in this world remember that
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