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I write steampunk-flavoured fantasy stories, & believe reality is best taken with a grain of salt. Click here for my free mystery novella: http://ow.ly/BFFTY

Latest Scoops

yeah work and life is important but here’s a reminder that capybaras exist and are fantastic❤️
so this is pretty much the coolest thing ever 😱 https://t.co/3VVp9exi1n
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well that was smooth as hell 🎿

source: https://t.co/2bCGaMDpyV
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everything is crazy right now so here’s an owl enjoying some head scritches to bring things back into balance 🦉

source: https://t.co/0SmiTsXfpY
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this is quite possibly the greatest venn diagram ever 👌🏼
that is some remarkable commitment for an incredibly niche market 📀
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if you need cheering up today here’s a tiny bunny baby to brighten your day ☀️
everything is terrible so here’s a cat standing on two legs to help bring the universe back into balance

source: https://t.co/NMhR1paV6a
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i can honestly say i did not expect that
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so this otter is pretty much the most adorable thing on twitter today😊

Source: https://t.co/oCSNdJVBUp
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