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51 in Sydney
55* in Adelaide
87* in Melbourne

@msdhoni is the Player of the Series! #AUSvIND
51 in Sydney
55* in Adelaide
87* in Melbourne

@msdhoni is the Player of the Series! #AUSvIND


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Joel Embiid and Steph Curry get loose before the #NBAAllStar game // 8pm ET on TNT!
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D-Generation X to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019, per @tim00

- Triple H
- Shawn Michaels
- Road Dogg
- Billy Gunn
- X-Pac
- Chyna
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One to Remember.

@DwyaneWade x @swish41 | #NBAAllStar on TNT
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27 All-Star Games
20x All-NBA
4 titles
2 Finals MVPs

@swish41 x @DwyaneWade (via @NBA)
We will exchange some tips ... i will show him how to perfect the lion celebration 🐾 and he will teach me how to put more goals😎
So twitter do your job 🙏🏿🙏🏿
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J. Cole brought out the old school Hornets jacket. Cold.

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🗣 Sonny Anderson (ex-Barça) "Ronaldo Nazário was a unique player and the fans didn't know much about me because I played in France. After Messi leaves, the player who replaces the number 10 shirt at Barcelona will have an even more difficult time of it than I did." [goal]
The Prez is now @TheNBPA Vice President!!

Previously serving as Player Representative, Malcolm Brogdon was elected as a Vice President and will serve a 3-year term on the NBPA Executive Committee.
BREAKING: "We decided a while ago." Andrew Gaze to step down as Sydney Kings coach after the end of their finals campaign. #nbl #kings #gaze
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🎙 Fabio Capello (ex-Madrid coach) "Messi is not a player, he is a genius and the only genius in world football. He has not won much silverware with Argentina but that is because he cannot do it all alone."
Breaking: Andrew Gaze and the Sydney Kings agree to part ways at the end of the season. @NBL
A highly-talented player whose injury history could put him under-the-radar.

@Jones_Drew32 says keep a@OU_Footballn eye on RB Rodney Anderson in #NFLDraftthe 201@NFLTotalAccess9 👀

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Oddsmakers believe the #Dodgers will be going to a third straight World Series.
Every year, the @baseballpro Annual shows up at my house because my dad sends it to me. This year, I sent it to him because I’m in it! Order now to get my essay on the Rockies and 29 much better ones, plus all the player comments and stats you love!
The Control goes to the wire: @TeamHeretics ride @MeTTalZzZz and his War Machine to victory!

2-1 series lead ove@eunitedggr
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The Panthers play their first three games away from home before returning to Melbourne for a two-game stint.
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