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The Knights Who Say Ni would love this border plan.


BREAKING: An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State's Attorney office, two sources with knowledge of the development tell CNN
#BREAKING: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be charged in prostitution ring
CBS' @RebeccaRKaplan reports House Democrats introduce resolution to block Pres Trump's national emergency to build southern border wall.
JUST IN: R. Kelly charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Trump applauded Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for criminal violence against a journalist. He literally clapped.
Jussie Smollett's character in "Empire" will be removed from the final two episodes of the fifth season.
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Not saying it was appropriate conduct, but the @amyklobuchar fork story has now received more coverage in less than a day than Donald Trump's mob ties received during the entire 2016 campaign.
🐿️ 37 Scottish red squirrels have been adopted in @BTS_twt star #JHope's name.

Ask the #BTSARMY and they'll get it done! 💜#BTS
Former CIA Director John Brennan: "Mr.Trump is a deeply flawed individual, who I think has demonstrated that he is not fit to serve as President of the United States."
NEW: Senior US Justice Dept. official: Reports that the US attorney general will receive the report from Special Counsel Mueller by the end of next week are incorrect.
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The #loancharge2019 scheme is leading @Moneybox today. We hear from those who say life-changing amounts are being demanded from them by HMRC going back up to 20 years and we get some practical advice and objective comment. Tune in at noon @BBCRadio4
While it lasted, Four Loko’s run made it New York City’s go-to “blackout in a can.” This is the story of that run, as told by the people who lived it (at least, the parts that they remember)
Know someone who might fancy this? The eight-bedroom mansion has a summerhouse, hot tub and sauna
@BBC 39 minutes
We love this 1973 clip of Morecambe and Wise on the first ever episode of Val Meets the VIPs. ☺️
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Giving someone else the gift of life is one of the most selfless things a person can do. Inova Fairfax Hospital held a ceremony to say, “thank you,” to the people who’ve given up their kidneys for others.
Former President @GEJonathan has voted in Bayelsa state in the south-east of Nigeria.

He wouldn't say who he voted for and told reporters that his comments could be interpreted as campaigning. #NigeriaDecides2019
@tom_nuttall No it’s preferable - from a Remainer perspective - to most available deals. As for the mess: I don’t see who from the present crop would have done better, including the opposition. It’s a systemic issue - an entire political class exposed
#NewsAlert - Within 100 hours our brave soldiers made sure that the mastermind of the Pulwama attack is shown his place and is neutralised. This time a befitting reply will be given to every person who is an enemy of humanity: PM @narendramodi at a public rally in Tonk, Rajasthan
Potteries industry would be 'decimated' by no-deal Brexit zero-tariff plan, say Stoke MPs
Colleges are teaching courses on romance. Yes, there will be a quiz, and it may include this question: How long does the feeling of love last? Answer: 900 days.
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