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Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger was born on December 24. Her daughter was born on January 4. It's no surprise she's captured exactly what it's like to have a birthday close to the holidays. https://t.co/3T3BLmMk8Q
In an online poll, Time readers chose K-pop band BTS for Person of the Year. The group beat out major figures including former first lady Michelle Obama, tennis star Serena Williams and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. https://t.co/snCbhxS1hw
Chrissy Teigen's father apparently inked a giant portrait of his daughter’s face on his arm in honor of her 33rd birthday. https://t.co/imCZllcKkG
It sure seems like no one wants to become President Donald Trump’s next chief of staff.
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Police believe a brutal attack on a New York subway rider could be an anti-LGBTQ hate crime. https://t.co/h4GXZNBXXR
The FBI says a woman who admired the Columbine shooters wanted to attack a bar, and that a man who pledged support for ISIS wanted to target synagogues. https://t.co/KpXb18tMFD
A new report details how the Air Force failed to stop a domestic abuser from buying guns and committing mass murder. https://t.co/NITsuJ9FUy
Activists were arrested outside Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office, demanding bold action on climate change. https://t.co/u4IidlYHmy
Tyerell Przybycien is being sent to prison for helping 16-year-old Jchandra Brown die by suicide. https://t.co/B6cJdRmtE0
The Democratic National Committee rolled out strict rules barring favoritism in the 2020 presidential primaries. https://t.co/R3tUTVlX7d
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