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"I grieve the person I might have become if had not been a young victim, a young mother, forced into unimaginable circumstance." (blog)
There are big changes to taxes and deductions this year. Here's what you need to know
Veterans’ frustration at Liberals swells with Wilson-Raybould resignation
This comes after an outbreak in neighbouring Washington state, which had 53 cases
Soulmates exist, but they don’t necessarily stay in your life forever.
The beagle adopted the baby possum after it was abandoned by its mother.
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"If someone wonders what integrity is today, I hope they think of you. I know I will," writes @kwetoday
Canadians are divided on whether "the system" is working or failing them, survey says

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BTS wants fans to know it's OK to talk about mental health
The Muslim police officer murdered in the Paris attack is being honoured with #JeSuisAhmed
Fallen soldier Nathan Cirillo's dogs await their master's return at family's Hamilton home
Texas hunters shot each other near the border, then blamed immigrants: police
Canadian writer's sexual assault story gets thousands of similar responses #notokay
Female stunt driver dies on 'Deadpool 2' set in Vancouver
We need to go beyond development stereotypes to empower women, by @CCCICCIC
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