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Huawei Technologies
451research explains how ai can revolutionize dc infrastructure management huaweiblog
.@451Research explains how AI can revolutionize DC infrastructure management. #HuaweiBlog
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Popular Science
octopuses are not aliens but boy are they a bunch of beautiful weirdos cephalopodweek
Octopuses are not aliens, but boy are they a bunch of beautiful weirdos #CephalopodWeek
this shirt is a twitter icon
This shirt is a Twitter icon
apple hires key arm chip designer as it plots transition from intel for the mac by
Apple hires key ARM chip designer as it plots transition from Intel for the Mac by @ChanceHMiller
the office is leaving netflix
The Office is leaving Netflix

microsoft nintendo and sony say trumps tariffs on china will hurt the game industry cost consumers hundreds of
Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony say Trump’s tariffs on China will hurt the game industry, cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars, and sacrifice American jobs.
the first ai universe sim is fast and accurateand its creators don t know how it works pnasnews
The first AI #universe sim is fast and accurate—and its creators don't know how it works @PNASNews
MIT Technology Revie
machine learning makes a better luke skywalker hand for picking up and putting down bottles holding a notebook
Machine learning makes a better Luke Skywalker hand for picking up and putting down bottles, holding a notebook, or dueling Darth Vader.
Gretchen Rubin
need some energy
Need some energy?
Farhad Manjoo
i went to cannes to party with the ad industry the beaches were topless the rose was bottomless the expense ac
I went to Cannes to party with the ad industry.

The beaches were topless, the rosé was bottomless, the expense accounts endless.

I managed to write a column:

The global economy runs on parties. The robots may take over, but schmoozing will never die.

The Hacker News
two citiesriviera beach and lake cityhave recently paid a total 11 million to cybercriminals to recover their
Two #Florida cities—Riviera Beach and Lake City—have recently paid a total $1.1 million to cybercriminals to recover their important files encrypted by #ransomware malware.

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