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Latest Scoops

Lady Gaga is 'disappointed' that Bradley Cooper wasn't nominated for the Best Director Oscar!
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Kelly Ripa is all about the Alkaline Diet when it comes to maintaining her bikini body!
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Teresa Giudice 'loves' flirting with guys while Joe is in prison!
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Danielle Jonas revealed that she was definitely not throwing shade at her sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra!
Angelina Jolie took her kids out for a day of fun in NYC!
Peter Kraus totally crushed it when he brought Nikki Bella flowers on their date!

The Most Relevant

BTS () just blessed us all with their incredible IDOL music video, a Nicki Minaj collab & a new album! #ANSWERISHERE
STOP EVERYTHING! @BTS_twt's Jimin just dropped his first solo track #Promise!
BTS's performance at the 2018 Melon Music Awards was SPECTACULAR!
#RM 's#forever_rain is truly beautiful and we're honestly emotional about it -- listen to his new song and watch the music video here: #monoishere #ForeverRainOutNow #RMono ono
The music video for Singularity is so, so good, @BTS_twt
Amazing! @weareoneEXO brought the heat at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics!
Congratulations on your #TeenChoice Award @BTS_twt!!!
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